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Dragon's Teeth

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Title : Dragon's Teeth Rating : 4
First Aired : 10 Nov 1999 Stardate : 53167.9
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2376
Writers : Michael Taylor Season : 6
Rating : 4.0000 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : This was interesting. Ignoring the confusing first few minutes, the run through the corridor and the clash with the Turei made me think we were in a 'drive-of-the-week' episode. The initial discovery of the Vaadwaur made me think of "Return To Tomorrow", but that was probably just a superficial resemblance. The Vaadwaur themselves were interesting, and the sense that something about them was not quite right grew on you without too many lines from them. The thing I really liked about them was that they seemed much more believable than certain other species. They had qualms about wiping out Voyager's crew, they disagreed over courses of action, and they are consistent in what they do. There's also some nice background on the Borg, and a mention of the Devore, which gives us some in-series consistency. I loved the escape at the end, the running battle was almost like watching an eagle being mobbed by terns. Still, I do have to complain about the 'radiogenic' atmosphere. Why couldn't they have said 'radioactive'? They could still use the isotopes involved to give the impulse boost, and not rely on made-up words. It's also a bit odd that the Turei weapons haven't moved on much in nine-hundred years. Anyway, it was fast-paced and exciting to watch. It might have made a decent feature-length episode. What's the betting that the escaping ships (which might carry several hundred Vaadwaur) run as far as the nearest stone-age planet, conquer it, and set the population to work building warships? Events in the Delta Quadrant might get interesting in a decade or so...
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 5
Review : Now why didn't Voyager use this species throughout the rest of the series? The Vaadwaur are probably some of the best villians that Voyager has come up with, up to the standards of the Hirogen. I would have loved to see more of them. As for the episode itself, really good episode, the development of the Vaadwaur was consistent, the story line was believable and exciting, and the battle sequence was up to DS9-standards. To be honest the only thing really wrong with this episode is the fact that it was never followed up on, but I wont punish it for that.
Reviewer : The Geek Rating : 4
Review : This is one of Voyager's better episodes, if for no other reason than the impressive CGI battle as the little V ascends from the surface while engaging in a multi-vector assault. This to me gave me a definitive idea of what her neural gel pack-laced computer can really do. With that said, I think I found a YATI. In the episode "Thirty Days", Paris is reduced in rank for doing what he believed was the right thing in helping a species survive. In "The Disease", Janeway enters a formal reprimand into Kim's record for have an unauthorized physical relationship with an alien. In "The Equinox, pt. 2", we see the tense moments in which Janeway relieves her first officer and later threatens her tactical officer with the same action because they were interfering with her Ahabian quest for Ransom. In this episode, Seven of Nine revives a Vaadwar without first obtaining command authorization. As Seven points out in the denouement, she put into action a series of events that had catastrophic results. Janeway's reaction? Confine her to the Brig? Restrict her access to Away Teams? No. Simply a "moral of the story" scene in which Seven's error is entirely glossed over. If I were Kim, Paris, Tuvok or Chakotay, I would be pretty upset at this apparent show of favoritism. Oh well. I suppose that I am used to this kind of writing from the Voyager staff. Great episode that is marred only by a lack of consistency in the discipline aboard Voyager.
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