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Equinox, Part 1

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Title : Equinox, Part 1 Rating : 3
First Aired : 26 May 1999 Stardate : Unknown
Director : David Livingston Year : 2375
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman Season : 5
Rating : 4.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : The Geek Rating : 5
Review : Frankly, I am quite surprised at the sub-par rating. Whilst I do not condone Ransom's actions, I was compelled to take a few points into account. One: Equinox herself. She is pretty much a modern- day Oberth- class; in other words, she is a short range science vessel of very limited capacity. Two: Voyager herself. This Intrepid- class vehicle not only has the latest in warp propulsion capabilities (I read in the DS9 Technical Manual a max. emergency top speed of warp 9.875- making her just a hair slower than her Soverign- class counterpart), she also has a sentient EMH, a former Borg drone and all her Borg bells and whistles interspersed throughout Voyager's systems, quantum torpedoes, etc. All in all, while she may not always come out on top in a battle, she can certainly dish out a fight to remember. Captain Janeway shows both remarkable morality and restraint in these two episodes. Obviously she cannot look the other way as another Federation vessel ensnares and kills lifeforms to use as fuel. Restraint because if this fuel is as good as Ransom says it is, then Janeway might be tempted to use it herself. However, I submit that perhaps Janeway is not the shining moral beacon in the continuously murky situation of being the sole representative of the UFP. I offer Endgame as my evidence. At first, of course present Janeway is deadset against future Janeway. She adamantly refuses to use the Borg transwarp hub- until future Janeway tells her of 7 of 9's impending death, as well as the impact it will have on her and Chakotay. Until this point, present Janeway wants to uphold the Temporal Prime Directive. Suddenly, her attitude changes to "To hell with it." She charges in with armor deployed and new- fangled phasers, destroys a few cubes, allows future Janeway to go off and kill the Borg Queen, and takes down the warp hub. Would she have made that same decision if she were told the Ensign Wally in deflector control was going to die? My point being is "Equinox" really shows Janeway at her best- so long as the cards are stacked in her favor. However I cannot help but think of what she might have done in Ransom's shoes. I doubt her Equinox EMH would fare nearly as well as Voyager's. What if Equinox's route from the Caretaker did not take them through Borg space? For that matter, can we guarantee the same sequence of events needed to get 7 of 9 on Voyager would transpire in the same manner? Janeway, compared to Ransom, really did have it easy. Her crew was not starving. Her ship was intact, and she had a crew to keep her that way. Ransom merely found another way home, even if that meant at the cost of a handful of aliens. How many Borg did Janeway destroy to get home? What makes her motives and choices any more right? Okay, the Borg are Starfleet's enemy to be sure, but if Janeway were to really stick to her own hard- lined principles regarding the perserverance of life at all costs, as very clearly stated in these two episodes, she should have told future Janeway to get right back on her impervious shuttle and go back to her own time. Regardless of who might die. Perhaps the idea of creatures that could also be used as warp drive fuel is not the best idea. It was the very interesting morality questions that were raised here that I feel earns "Equinox, Parts 1&2" a full five star rating.
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 4
Review : The episode itself has an interesting concept, and it makes perfect sense that there maybe some Starfleet officers that may not have the same kind of morality that the Voyager crew does while being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, especially if they were stuck on such a low-capability starship like the Equinox. This episode does a nice job introducing the story line and had me looking forward to what was next.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 4
Review : This worked very well. I spent much of the episode looking at the smashed-up Equinox and thinking 'that's what the Little V ought to look like after all this time'. Still, the sensible thing would be to take the Equinox to pieces and build the best bits into the Voyager, sell or abandon the rest. I would also advise the writers to read up on the principals of seniority - if Janeway had held her captaincy for longer than Ransom, she could pull rank on him (the precedents are endless). Still, there were plenty of excellent moments, the sight of these strange creatures popping out of subspace and attacking everything in sight certainly made an impression. I couldn't help feeling some sympathy with Ransom. After all, it's a case of desperate times and desperate measures. The appearance of the Equinox EMH was another surprise (I'm not sure if he was supposed to exist) and we can see just how much character development went into our EMH. In the few minutes of the new hologram's d├ębut, he turned out to be a very different character. The creature attacking Janeway at the end was certainly startling. Were they killing her off? A very good episode
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