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Course: Oblivion

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Title : Course: Oblivion Rating : 2
First Aired : 3 Mar 1999 Stardate : 52586.3
Director : Anson Williams Year : 2375
Writers : Bryan Fuller Season : 5
Rating : 2.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : An interesting idea, which works up to a point. I did wonder slightly what the people on the Demon Planet would do, let alone eat or drink, after the Voyager had flown off. Once I had worked out what was going on, I began to wonder if any episodes between "Demon" and "Thirty Days" were set on the wrong ship. Unlikely, but possible. Of course, there'll be no references to this in the future (say by the 'real' crew arriving at a planet where the people recognize them). Here, the sense that something was wrong grew on you steadily throughout the first quarter of the episode, and then the ship's deterioration really set in. We've seen a beaten-up Voyager before, but not falling apart at the molecular level. Duplicate or not, Janeway was still Janeway, still determined to press on despite condemning her crew to a very unpleasant death if she got it wrong, then gambling all their lives in a race back to the Demon Planet. This time, she lost, but managed to die in her command chair. Maybe it's unfortunate that they didn't make it, but it provides closure to the events of "Demon". Overall, somehow the Voyager cast always seem at their most convincing when the ship is coming apart around them (which is probably why the writers smashed her up so often). Finally, we have the ultimate Reset Button, none of it happened to the 'real' Voyagers anyway. Verdict, watchable enough. Finally, Paris called Janeway 'sir' on the 'real' bridge at the end, perhaps the nature of the moment caused her to let him off that one.
Reviewer : Ithekro Rating : 2
Review : The episode was alright right up to the reset. I don't particularly like episodes that make a huge leap and then nothing is gained by it. It seems fine if it involves time travel or another dimention, but this one just seems all wrong. Basically there will be no one that will know what this Demon crew did...expect maybe the species they encountered that Voyager herself never seems to meet. I would have liked this story to have had at least some impact on the real Voyager crew...a log book even, just so the Demon crew was not something pointless that will never have any meaning for either the Voyager crew, nor perhaps the Federation (unless of course...Starfleet goes back out this way someday, but that would be up to the writers of some yet unthought of series).
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