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The Way of the Warrior

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Battles :Deep Space Nine, The Omarion Nebula
Holoprogs :Hoobishan Baths, King Arthur's Court
Food :Root Beer
Nebulae :Betreka Nebula
People :Drex, Gul Dukat, Gowron, Huraga, Kahless the Unforgettable, Kaybok, General Martok, Miles Edward O'Brien, Worf Rozhenko, Kasidy Yates
Planets :Boreth
Ship classes :Galaxy Class, K'T'Inga Class, Negh'var Class
Ship names :Galaxy Class :
USS Magellan, NCC 71854 USS Venture
Galor Class :
Negh'var Class :
IKS Negh'Var
Species :Cardassians, Klingons, Nyberrite Alliance, Tholians
Stations :Deep Space 9
Station internals : - Image 18
Timeline :2352, 2372
War :Betreka Nebula incident, Cardassian-Klingon war, Federation-Klingon war
Weapons :D'k'tahg, Mek'Leth

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