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DS9 Crew Manifest

Senior Staff

Name Description
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko [1] Sisko served aboard the USS Livingston for a few months with Curzon Dax. Dax became Sisko's mentor, and the two were friends for many years. [2] He served on the USS Okinawa during the Tzenkethi War. [3] At this point in his career he was more interested in engineering and ship design than command, but Captain Leyton saw command potential in the young officer and appointed him as the ship's first officer, promoting him to Lieutenant Commander. [4]

By 2366 Sisko was serving as First Officer of the USS Saratoga. His wife Jennifer and son Jake both lived aboard the ship with him. When the ship joined the Federation fleet which fought the Borg at Wolf 359 it was destroyed. Although both Sisko and Jake escaped the ship, Jennifer was killed. [1]

After the battle Sisko was posted to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars. [1] He considered leaving Starfleet to take a job on Earth directing the construction of orbital habitats during this period, but decided that Starfleet was where he wanted to be. [5]

His former commander, Captain Leyton, recommended Sisko for the post of Commander of Deep Space Nine. His mission was to help the Bajorans to prepare for Federation membership after the recent end of the Cardassian occupation. Although he accepted the post, Sisko was still contemplating leaving Starfleet to take civilian work. On his arrival his attitude was hardened by a meeting with Captain Picard, whom he blamed for the death of his wife due to Picard's unwilling actions at Wolf 359 as a member of the Borg collective. The posting reunited Sisko with his old friend and mentor Dax, now hosted in the body of a young woman named Jadzia. During his first days at Deep Space Nine Sisko and Lieutenant Dax discovered the Bajoran wormhole, the first stable wormhole known to exist. He made first contact with a group of aliens who lived within the wormhole, beings who existed outside of linear time. In explaining to the aliens how Humans deal with life as linear corporeal entities, Sisko finally came to terms with the loss of his wife and put any notions of leaving Starfleet behind him for good. [1]

Sisko's mission was greatly complicated and expanded by the wormhole, since Deep Space Nine became a major hub for trade and travel through the wormhole. As well as supporting Alpha Quadrant ships which wanted to travel to the Gamma Quadrant, the station was host to various alien species travelling in the other direction. [6] The newfound importance of the station made the Cardassians keen to reclaim it, and its former commander Gul Dukat was an occasional thorn in Sisko's side. [7]

He also had to contend with Bajoran politics, including one attempted coup in which a Bajoran faction captured the station. [8] Religion also played a part in his mission; the Bajorans considered the wormhole aliens to be gods whom they referred to as "the prophets". Bajoran legend had it that one day somebody would travel to meet the prophets and subsequently become their representative to the Bajoran people. After Sisko's encounter he was considered to be an important religious icon by the Bajorans, referred to as "The Emissary". [1] Sisko was uncomfortable with the title, and often tried to distance himself from it. [9] Whilst respecting Bajoran religious beliefs, Sisko occasionally found himself at odds with specific religious figures, most notably Vedek Winn. When Winn attempted to force Deep Space Nine's school to teach Bajoran religious beliefs Sisko found himself struggling to deal with a situation which rapidly escalated out of control. [10] He would clash with Winn over many other issues, most especially when she was later elected to Kai. [11] Winn would eventually become a servant of the Pagh-Wraiths, actively seeking to release them to devastate the Alpha Quadrant. She was ultimately killed by Gul Dukat after he was possessed by the wraiths. [12]

His mission was further complicated by the creation of the Maquis, a Federation terrorist group which was opposed to a peace treaty between the Federation and the Cardassians which created a large demilitarised zone between the two powers. In theory colonies from both sides could exist peacefully in this area; in practice the Maquis claimed that the Cardassians routinely harassed them, and Starfleet was powerless to respond because of the treaty. Many Starfleet personnel sympathised with the Maquis, and some even left to join them - including one of Sisko's oldest and closest friends, Cal Hudson. [13] Sisko was furious when one of his own officers, Michael Eddington, betrayed him as part of a Maquis sting operation. [14] Sisko spent a year attempting to catch Eddington, finally resorting to threatening to destroy the Maquis colonies in the demilitarised zone in order to force his surrender. [15]

In late 2370, Sisko made first contact with the Dominion when he was abducted by the Jem'Hadar whilst in the Gamma Quadrant. The Dominion attacked various assets on their side of the wormhole, including the destruction of the USS Odyssey. [16] In response Sisko requisitioned the USS Defiant, a warship Starfleet had begun constructing in response to the Borg encounter in 2365. Work on the Defiant had been abandoned when the Borg threat became less urgent, but although flawed in some respects the ship remained a powerful military vessel. [17] Sisko would tangle with the Dominion repeatedly over the next two years as they tried various tactics to infiltrate and dominate the Alpha Quadrant. In 2373 the Dominion finally sent warships through the wormhole in force, but instead of attacking the station the fleet headed straight to Cardassia - where Gul Dukat had agreed to serve as the head of the Cardassian government as a member of the Dominion. [18] In the aftermath more fleets continued to reinforce the Cardassian forces on a regular basis, and Sisko became determined to prevent the Dominion build up. He mined the exit from the wormhole with cloaked self-replicating mines, effectively isolating the Dominion forces in the alpha quadrant from their home, but the action provoked an attack on Deep Space Nine which led to the Dominion's capture of the station and initiated the Dominion war. [19]

Sisko was a major figure in several important operations during the war; indeed such was his importance that his psychological profile was required reading for Vorta operatives. [20] He commanded a captured Jem'Hadar attack ship on a mission to destroy a ketracel white manufacturing facility in 2374. [21] Relieved of command of the Defiant, Sisko was made adjutant for Vice Admiral Ross at Starbase 375. [22] He convinced Starfleet to mount a major effort to recapture Deep Space Nine. [23] When the minefield was destroyed during the operation Sisko contacted the wormhole aliens and convinced them to destroy the Jem'Hadar forces attempting to come through. [24]

Back in command of the station, Sisko was able to convince the Romulans to join the war against the Dominion with the help of Garak. The operation involved an elaborate scheme to trick the Romulans into believing that the Dominon planned to attack them after the Federation and Klingons had been defeated. Sisko struggled with the moral implications of his actions, as several people were deliberately murdered by Garak as a result. [25]

In 2374 Sisko commanded the first allied offensive into Cardassian space. Although the mission was a success, whilst he was away Gul Dukat sealed off the entrance to the wormhole, cutting Bajor off from their gods. He also mortally wounded Jadzia Dax when she tried to stop him. Devastated at the loss, Sisko returned to Earth to take a leave of absence. [26]

He returned to Starfleet early in 2375 after having found a way to reopen the wormhole. [27] The tide of the war was by now turning in the allies favour, with steady progress into Cardassian space. This changed when the Breen joined the war on the Dominion's side, using a unique energy dampening weapon to neutralise Federation and Romulan ships. The Defiant was destroyed at the second Chin'Toka battle in a massive defeat for the allies. [28] In the aftermath Sisko was given command of the Defiant class USS São Paulo, which was renamed to USS Defiant. [29] With the Breen weapon successfully countered, Sisko led an all out assault on the Dominon forces. The battle was a success, in large part because the Cardassian forces switched sides as a result of the Dominion's brutal repression of a rebellion on their home world. With allied forces surrounding Cardassia itself, the Dominion was prepared for a final cataclysmic battle; the Founders hoped they would so damage the allies that the victory would be strictly a pyrrhic one. Fortunately Odo managed to beam down to the surface and meet with the Founder in command of the Dominion. He convinced her that the Federation was not her enemy and posed no threat to her people, and she agreed to end hostilities and surrender herself. [30]

Afterwards Sisko met with Admiral Ross, and Chancellor Martok in the ruins of Cardassia to celebrate the end of the war. Although Martok was overjoyed, both Sisko and Ross were horrified at the cost of the war and declined to join him in toasting the victory. [30]

In the aftermath of the war Sisko travelled to Bajor to prevent Gul Dukat from releasing the Pagh-wraiths. He was successful, imprisoning Dukat in the fire caves of Bajor for all eternity. The wormhole aliens, considering Sisko's purpose fulfilled, took him to their realm. In a brief visit to his wife Kassidy, Sisko promised that he would one day return from the wormhole. [12]
Major Kira Nerys [1] As with many Bajoran women, Major Kira Nerys is a rather short-tempered character who is extremely forthright in her views. She frequently finds herself opposed to those in authority [1], and this has led to open defiance on some occasions - most notably during the her rescue of Li Nalas. [31]

Kira led a typically difficult childhood under the Cardassian occupation. Her mother died when she was three [32], and by the age of twelve she had joined the Bajoran underground. [33] She scored several successes during her time with the resistance, most notably when she planted a bomb which destroyed an entire wing of a Cardassian Generals residence. [34] In 2365 she came to Deep Space Nine to befriend Vaatrik, a Cardassian collaborator, in order to secure a list of his associates. Vaatrik walked in on Kira while she was searching for the list, and she was forced to kill him. Although she was successful in evading prosecution for the murder, Constable Odo discovered the truth in 2370. [35]

As first officer of Deep Space Nine, Kira has become more of a moderate. She began to overcome her hatred of the Cardassians in 2369, when she attempted to prosecute a Cardassian individual she took to be Gul Darhe'el. During the investigation Kira discovered that he was in fact Aamin Marritza, a file clerk who was impersonating Darhe'el in order to force the Cardassians to face up to the atrocities they had committed during the war. [36] Later Kira forged a friendship with Legate Ghemor after the Obsidian Order attempted to convince her that she was really a Cardassian spy working as a Bajoran. [32]

In 2372 Kira was in the gamma quadrant with Dr. Bashir and Keiko O'Brien when there was an accident on board the Runabout Volga. The pregnant Keiko was severely injured, and Dr. Bashir was forced to use a transporter to beam her unborn child into Kiras womb in order to save its life. [37] Kira carried the child to full term and delivered a baby boy in 2373. In recognition of her actions the O'Briens named the child Kirayoshi. [38]

Kira had long carried a subconscious attraction for Odo, and in 2374 the two became romantically involved. [39] Their relationship was sometimes strained by the fact that he was a shape shifter, but they appeared to have overcame these difficulties. [7] In 2375, however, Odo decided to return to the Great Link in order to try and show the Founders to trust solids and so enable the two sides to live together in peace. This marked the end of his relationship with Kira. When Captain Sisko went to live in the Celestial Temple Kira took command of Deep Space Nine [12], a position she retains today.
Dax [1] A Starfleet officer, Jadzia was assigned to Deep Space Nine as science officer in 2369. [1] She served there for five years, participating in many of the important events in which the station was involved. [7] Her notable achievements included helping then Commander Sisko in discovering the Bajoran wormhole, the first completely stable wormhole known to exist. [1]

In 2371 the memory block imposed on Dax by the symbiosis commission began to degrade, and the memories of Joran began to reassert themselves. Under the guise of treating hallucinations, Doctor Renhol of the symbiosis commission attempted to murder Jadzia in order to keep the secret but Captain Sisko was able to uncover the truth and threatened Renhol with exposure if Jadzia didn't survive. [40] Jadzia subsequently decided to keep the fact that most Trills where eligible for joining a secret in order to preserve Trill society.

As Ezri, Dax remained on Deep Space Nine as a counselor. [41] She eventually switched onto the command track and became third officer on the USS Aventine. After an attack on the ship killed both the Captain and First Officer, Ezri took command of the ship and successfully resolved the crisis. She was subsequently placed in permanent command of the ship. [42]

The Aventine played a major role in the Borg invasion of 2381. Ezri took the ship to the Delta Quadrant to investigate the wreck of the NX-02, theorising that the subspace tunnel network which transported the ship there was how the Borg were reaching the Alpha Quadrant. [42] She convinced Captain Picard not to destroy the tunnel network [43], and instead worked with Captain Riker of the USS Titan to penetrate the Borg collective and convince the Caeliar to destroy them. [44]
Worf Rozhenko [45] Worf, son of Mogh, was born in 2340 on the Klingon home world. [46] His father was head of the house of Mogh, one of the most important and powerful of all Klingon houses at the time. Shortly before his seventh birthday Worf's father took him to the Khitomer colony; while they where there the Romulans attacked the colony with the help of a traitor on the surface, killing almost everybody there. Although Mogh himself was killed, Worf survived and was rescued by a Starfleet crewman from the Excelsior class USS Intrepid. When inquiries by Starfleet failed to turn up any direct family for Worf the crewman, a propulsion specialist named Sergei Rozhenko, adopted the child and raised it as his own. [47]

Worf had a difficult childhood; his adoptive parents lived on Gault, a farm colony world [48] with less than 20,000 inhabitants. [47] His parents tried to allow him to find his own middle ground between Human and Klingon culture, but Worf encountered many difficulties. He was regarded as an outsider by other children and was frequently involved in fights. In an attempt to fit in he joined a soccer team, but when he was thirteen he caused the death of an opponent during a match. The experience traumatized Worf; he became a much more restrained person, losing most of his passion for life. [49]

In 2357 Worf joined Starfleet academy, the first Klingon to do so. [48] He graduated in 2361 as an officer, [50] much to the dismay of his non-commissioned father. [51] By 2364 he was a bridge officer on the USS Enterprise-D. [1] With the death of Tasha Yar, Worf was promoted to chief of security on the Federation flagship in 2365. [52]

In 2366 Worf fathered a son with Keylehr, a half-klingon half-human woman who was acting as a Federation negotiator. Keylehr was murdered by Duras, whom Worf killed in turn. [53]

Later in this year evidence was uncovered that it was Worf's father who had betrayed the Klingons at Khitomer. Worf investigated and discovered that it was in fact Duras who had been the traitor; however, the Duras family was still a powerful force in the Klingon Empire with many supporters. Exposing the house to shame risked a civil war, so Worf agreed to take the blame onto his own house and accept discommendation for the good of the Empire. [47] This situation persisted for over a year; late in 2367 the Duras family, now led by Lursa and B'Etor, attempted to seize control of the Klingon Empire before Gowron could be properly installed as Chancellor. Whilst Worf was on board the attack cruiser IKS Bortas he served as a tactical officer during a battle with some vessels loyal to Duras. During the battle Kurn saved the Bortas from destruction; in return for their help Gowron restored the honour of the House of Mogh. [54]

When Starfleet refused to involve itself in what appeared to be an internal matter, Worf chose to resign his commission in order to fight alongside Gowron. [54] Captain Picard discovered indications that the Romulans where supplying military aid to the Duras family; he led a Federation fleet to blockade the Klingon/Romulan border. With their support cut off the Duras family was quickly defeated by Gowron. Once the crisis was past, Worf returned to Starfleet and assumed his old position on the Enterprise-D early in 2368. [55]

In 2371 Worf was promoted to Lieutenant Commander shortly before the Enterprise-D was destroyed. [56] He subsequently took an extended leave to visit the Klingon world of Boreth. Later he was posted to Deep Space Nine, and was involved in the hostilities between the Federation, Klingon Empire and Cardassia which took place at this time. For his actions against the Klingon Empire Gowron once again discommended the House of Mogh. [5]

Whilst on DS9 Worf fell in love with Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax. [57] Despite a somewhat stormy relationship the two where married in 2373 [58], but some months afterwards Dax was murdered by Gul Dukat. [26] Worf struggled with his feelings for Dax when Ezri came to work on the station, but the two eventually agreed to end their relationship and stay friends. [59]

Worf fought in several battles against the Dominion during the war. [7] In the final stages of the war he became disillusioned with Gowron's leadership of the Klingon forces, and challenged him to personal combat. Worf killed Gowron but declined the leadership of the council in favour of General Martok. [60] After the end of the war Martok gained revenge by asking that Worf be appointed as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. [12] However, he found himself somewhat unsuited for life as a diplomat and returned to his old post as chief tactical officer of the Enterprise-E. [61] He was in this post when Captain Picard took the ship to Romulus to investigate the new regime after Shinzon's coup. [62]
Miles Edward O'Brien [1] Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O'Brien is one of the most experienced of Deep Space Nine's crew, with a Starfleet career spanning twenty five years. He joined at the age of eighteen [63] as an enlisted man [51]. As a child he enjoyed building models of all kinds, including ships in bottles [64], model starships [65], and subspace transceivers. [66] His father also made him practice playing the cello every day, and when he was seventeen his father sent a recorded audition to the Aldeberan Music Academy. He was delighted when Miles was accepted, but Miles had second thoughts and joined Starfleet two days before he was due to leave. His father was furious until he realised how badly Miles wanted to join. By 2370 his father was introducing Miles proudly as "Senior Chief Specialist Miles Edward O'Brien." [67]

Early in his career O'Brien served on board the USS Rutledge under Captain Maxwell while that ship was involved in the Setlik massacre. Whilst on Setlik, O'Brien was in a room full of survivors when a Cardassian soldier entered. A woman in the room threw him a phaser which he fired at the Cardassian; unfortunately, the phaser had been set to kill and O'Brien vaporized the man. Up to this time O'Brien had never purposely harmed anything - he was even squeamish about killing insects - and the trauma of the event left him with a deep-seated dislike of the Cardassians who had forced him to become a killer. [68] It was at Setlik that Miles first found that he had an aptitude for engineering; with the Cardassians advancing on his position he managed to repair a field transporter in less than ten minutes and evacuate thirteen men. [69] Miles also displayed his tactical skill when he led two dozen men in a counter-attack against the Barrica encampment, driving out an entire regiment of Cardassian troops. [70]

O'Brien's best friend, Raymond Boone, was captured by the Cardassians during Setlik. Unknown to Starfleet, Boone was actually killed and replaced with a Cardassian agent who had been extensively altered to resemble a human and given a false identity. This Boone later joined the Maquis and framed O'Brien for the theft of photon warheads from DS9. O'Brien was convicted of the crime under the Cardassian legal system, but was released when Commander Sisko threatened to reveal Boone's true identity in order to embarrass the Cardassian government. [71]

O'Brien was a member of the Enterprise-D crew when the ship was launched. [65] He served in various departments, including the conn position [45] and tactical [55] - but he was most commonly found in the transporter room. [72]

His dislike of the Cardassians would rise to the surface when the Enterprise assisted the Cardassians in locating the USS Phoenix after Captain Maxwell began launching unprovoked attacks on their shipping. Maxwell had finally given in to his own hatred of the Cardassians, who he believed were preparing to start another war with the Federation. Miles finally began to deal with his own feelings when he talked Maxwell out of further action. [68]

Whilst aboard the Enterprise Miles met Keiko Ishikawa, a civilian botanist. The two married in 2367 [73] and had their first child the following year. [74]

In 2368 O'Brien transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of Operations. [1] Shortly after arriving he received a black mark on his record when he helped a Tosk to escape captivity on the station, violating the Prime Directive. [6] On a visit to Bajor he found himself being forced to assume the position of Sirah, religious leader of a Bajoran village community, when the previous holder of the title died whilst he was visiting. Fortunately he was able to quickly pass the post on to somebody else. [75]

In 2370 Miles was abducted by the Paradans whilst assisting in the setting up of a peace conference. An identical replicant was substituted for him whilst he was held captive. The replicant had all of O'Brien's memories and personality, and actually believed he was the real thing. The Deep Space Nine crew engaged in an elaborate deception to play along with the substitution whilst they investigated, but the replicant became suspicious. Thinking that everybody else had been subverted in some way he made his way back to the Paradan home world where he managed to find the original Miles before being killed. [66]

O'Brien is one of the few Starfleet personnel to maintain a successful marriage, although his relationship with Keiko has often been strained badly by the pressures of living and working on Deep Space Nine. [76] Keiko eventually accepted a position on a botanical survey team on Bajor, and the two lived apart for some time. [77]

Like many Deep Space Nine personnel, O'Brien initially disliked Doctor Bashir. In 2370 the Kellerun and T'Lani attempted to murder the two after they helped to destroy the Harvester weapons which the species had developed. Both sides hoped to destroy the knowledge of how to build the weapons by killing all those involved with both their original construction and their eventual destruction. O'Brien and Bashir grew closer during the incident. [78] They eventually grew to be good friends, sharing many hours playing racquetball [79] and darts [80] and recreating events such as the Battle of Britain [5] and the Battle of the Alamo in Quark's holosuites. [81]

O'Brien was killed in 2371 when a bizarre set of circumstances caused him to repeatedly jump through time. Another, apparently identical O'Brien from an alternate timeline took his place and has continued to serve on the station ever since. [82]

Miles' second child was almost killed before birth when Keiko suffered an accident whilst in a Runabout. Doctor Bashir was able to save the child by beaming it to Major Kira's womb, where it gestated [37] before being born in 2373. [38] In 2374 O'Brien was holidaying with his family on the planet Golana when his daughter Molly fell through an ancient time portal. He was able to get her back through the portal, but inaccuracies in the device meant that the Molly who returned was ten years older. Molly found it impossible to readjust to life on the station, so O'Brien returned her to the portal and sent her back through again. She emerged just an instant after her earlier self arrived, and sent the child straight back through. The original version of Molly was thus returned, but the older version erased herself from history with this action. [83]

Miles and Dax implemented Rom's idea for a field of cloaked self-replicating mines to prevent Dominion ships from coming through the Bajoran Wormhole in 2373, an action which sparked the Dominon war. He fought many battles during the war, either aboard the Defiant or in ground combat. Miles was frustrated by the Dominion's initial success in the war and was glad to be able to strike a blow against the Founders by destroying a Ketracel White production facility using a captured Dominion warship. [21] He would go on to participate in many of the decisive battles of the war, most notably including the mission to retake Deep Space Nine [24], the invasion of the Chin'toka system [26], the attack on the Monac shipyards [41], the later retreat from that system [28], and the eventual advance on Cardassia itself. [30] He also served at least one mission for Starfleet Intelligence in which he penetrated the Orion Syndicate on Farius Prime thanks to a friendship he struck up with Liam Bilby. The Syndicate was working with the Dominion to assassinate the Klingon ambassador, a mission O'Brien was able to prevent. He also uncovered a Dominion agent within Starfleet thanks to information from Bilby. [84] Miles would eventually travel to New Sydney to locate Bilby's widow, worried that the Syndicate might blame her for her husband's failure. He fell foul of the Syndicate himself whilst on the planet, but Ezri Dax was able to use her family connections on the planet to secure his release. [85]

Miles felt that his friends had drifted apart during the conflict, distancing themselves as a way of protecting against the possibility that they might lose friends. The death of Lisa Cusak made him rethink this, and he appealed to his friends to provide more emotional support to one another. [86]

In 2375 Miles was offered a teaching post at Starfleet Academy once the war ended. He accepted, and soon after the final battle of the war the O'Brien family left Deep Space Nine for good. [12]
Julian Bashir [1] Julian Bashir was born with a substantially subnormal IQ due to a genetic defect, a fact which caused his parents considerable worry. Unable to have the problem treated in the Federation due to the ban on Genetic Engineering, they took Bashir to an alien hospital at an early age and had him artificially enhanced. As a result of this Bashir gained an extremely high level of intelligence. [87] The young Bashir was a very keen tennis player, and with the enhanced hand-to-eye co-ordination his genetic engineering had given him he was of professional level. However, he suffered from some degree of guilt concerning his 'unfair' advantage and never really pursued his tennis career [88]; this subconscious attempt to deny himself success is a theme which would recur several times during his life. [89]

In any case, since repairing a teddy bear as a child [90] his first love had always been medicine and he abandoned tennis to join Starfleet. [89] Given the ban on genetically enhanced humans within the service, Bashir was forced to cover up his past when he joined. [87] In the Academy Bashir was amongst the top of his class, but in his final exam he mistook a pre-ganglionic fibre for a post-ganglionic nerve [91] - despite the fact that these are nothing alike - [89] and ended up second overall. [91] Two years after graduation Bashir was assigned to DS9; on the way to the station he met Jadzia Dax and instantly felt a strong attraction. [1] Once again he held himself back, and ended up settling for friendship with Jadzia. [7]

In 2371 Bashir disturbed a Lethean who was robbing his infirmary. The Lethian launched a telepathic attack against the Doctor, putting him into a coma within which he suffered from nightmares caused by his subconscious. Bashir survived the attack, and ultimately emerged from it with a greater acceptance of himself. [89]

His past finally caught up with him in 2373, when he was chosen as the template for the new Long-term Medical Hologram being designed by Doctor Zimmerman. Zimmerman conducted detailed interviews with all of Bashirs friends and invited his parents to the station; whilst on board they let the truth about his genetic enhancement slip. Bashir father agreed to serve a two year prison sentence if Bashir was allowed to continue in the service [87]; since this time Bashir has become much more secure with himself and has even began to assist with the treatment of patients whose genetic engineering has not been successful. [92]

In 2374 a secret organization named Section 31 attempted to recruit Bashir. [93] He later discovered that Section 31 had created a disease which had infected Odo and, through him, the rest of the Great Link. [94] Bashir was able to trick Sloan, a Section 31 operative, into coming to Deep Space Nine so that he could use a mind probe to find the cure. Although Sloan killed himself during the procedure, Bashir was able to get the information he wanted [95] and use it to cure the Founders. [12]

Bashir and Ezri Dax were strongly attracted to one another, and shortly before the end of the war they became a couple. Both remain on Deep Space Nine. [12]
Odo [1] Variously known as Shape shifters [76], Changelings [96] or Founders [16], Odo's people are one of the most intriguing life forms ever encountered by the Federation. Their natural state is that of a viscous liquid which has no apparent internal structure, no organs or other biological systems. Nevertheless it is capable of a massive degree of flexibility; by a simple act of will Odo is able to alter his shape, surface texture, volume [1], and even his mass. [96] The alterations of shape and texture have been observed in several other shape changing species such as the Chameloids. [97]

Alteration of mass is rather more difficult and how this apparently impossible feat is accomplished remains something of a mystery. Some have suggested that the Changelings are multi-dimensional beings who exist mostly outside our own space-time. According to this theory the being we see as a Changeling would comprise only a small portion of the whole; by moving more of less of itself into this universe the Changeling would be able to alter its apparent volume and mass. In theory this would allow them to withdraw themselves from our universe completely, giving them effective invisibility and the ability to pass through walls or other barriers. In fact, Changelings have never demonstrated this ability and so if the theory is true there must be some inherent limitation on the degree of this multidimensional ability.

In 2371 Odo accompanied the USS Defiant on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant. Whilst there he found himself irresistibly drawn to the Omarian Nebula, where he discovered the home world of his people. [17] It transpired that the Changelings were the infamous Founders of the Dominion, which they had created in order to insulate themselves from the prejudice they had encountered from those they call "The Solids". Odo refused to join the Founders [98], although during the Dominions occupation of Deep Space Nine he did waver in his loyalties considerably. [22]

Odo has long held a romantic attraction for Colonel Kira, but for many years he kept this a secret because he feared rejection. [7] In 2373 his feelings were finally revealed during the Defiant's encounter with an alternate timeline version of Odo [99], but he still made no attempt to pursue a relationship until the following year when the hologram Vic Fontaine pushed the pair into confronting their true feelings. Odo and Kira finally became involved [39], and remained a couple until the end of 2375. [12]

In 2375 Odo began to display signs of a serious illness. Doctor Bashir discovered that he had been deliberately infected with a terminal disease by Section 31 [94]; during his time in the Great Link Odo had passed the disease on to the rest of the Founders, infecting the entire species. [12] Bashir was able to develop a cure for the disease [95], and in the final stages of the war Odo passed the cure onto the female Founder in order to convince her that solids could be trusted. She agreed to stand trial for her crimes, and in return Odo agreed to go back through the wormhole and cure the rest of the Great Link. This marked the end of Odo's relationship with Colonel Kira. [12]
Rom [1] Brother to Quark and father to Nog [1], Rom spent his early life as something of a failure. He married his first wife, Prindora, with a five year contract. When he fell in love with her he signed an extension without reading the small print, and her father was able to swindle him of all his money. [87] Quark tended to treat him poorly, underpaying him and constantly belittling his intelligence. [7]

When Quark was promoted to Grand Nagus Rom served as his bodyguard. He planned to assassinate Quark, but the plot failed when the previous Nagus Zek proved to still be alive. Quark promoted Rom to assistant manager for policy and clientele as a result of this initiative. [100]

In 2372 Rom formed a worker's union from the staff at Quark's bar. Although the Ferengi FCA destroyed the union shortly afterwards, Rom was able to force an unofficial deal for better working conditions. Flushed with his success, Rom left the bar and became a diagnostic and repair technician for Deep Space Nine. [101] He soon proved to be an excellent engineer who was invaluable in keeping the station running. [102]

In 2371 when Nog petitioned to join Starfleet, Rom was very supportive of the idea. His son's success became a source of considerable pride for Rom. [103]

In 2373 Rom established a romantic relationship with Leeta, a dabo girl at Quark's bar [87], and the two eventually planned to get married. Rom worried that Leeta might also be after him for his money, and wanted her to sign a 'waiver of property and profit' - a Ferengi prenuptial agreement. Leeta refused, threatening their relationship, but Rom solved the dilemma by donating all of his money to the Bajoran war orphan's fund, so allowing him to be secure in the knowledge that Leeta must be marrying for love. [104] The two were eventually married by the Emissary shortly before the station fell to the Dominion. [19]

Rom was a major contributor to the war effort - he came up with the concept for the cloaked self-replicating minefield which allowed the Federation to prevent the Dominion from bringing reinforcements through the wormhole whilst the station was in Dominion hands. [19] Rom stayed on Deep Space Nine during the occupation as a Federation spy. [19] He was arrested for attempting to sabotage the deflector array [22], but eventually escaped and ultimately was able to disable the weapons array before the allied fleet arrived, allowing the station to be retaken without a fight. [24]

Rom was very progressive for a Ferengi, and supported Grand Nagus Zek's reforms of Ferengi society. His support led to him being appointed as Grand Nagus when Zek retired, much to Quark's dismay. [29]
Nog [1] Son of Rom, Nog spent his early years on Ferenginar before moving to Deep Space Nine with his father. [1] He became a petty thief [7], but his friendship with Jake Sisko was a positive influence on him. When Nog's father forbade him from attending school, Jake taught him to read. [100] Nog was desperate not to end up a failure like his father, and after undergoing the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony he asked Commander Sisko to support his enrolment into Starfleet. [103] Sisko did so, and Nog began to study the Academy Preparatory Program despite the objections of his uncle Quark. [105] In 2372 Nog sold his possessions and went to Earth with Quark and Rom. Unfortunately their shuttle underwent a temporal accident, throwing it into the year 1947 and causing it to crash-land at Roswell, New Mexico. [106] The landing of three Ferengi caused considerable disruption in the area, but local authorities covered the story up by claiming that a weather balloon had crashed and eventually they were able to escape and return to their own time. [106]

Nog returned to Deep Space Nine for field study in 2373. [107] He was awarded a battlefield promotion to Ensign during the war [23], during which he frequently served aboard the Defiant. [7] He briefly served as Chief Engineer aboard the Defiant class USS Valiant due to the great shortage of regular crewmembers aboard that vessel. [108] Later on he became a helm officer aboard the Defiant itself, gaining much combat experience in the last stages of the war. [7]

When Defiant crewmembers helped to support a Federation force at a captured Dominion relay station on AR-558 Nog acted as a scout, his superb Ferengi hearing a useful tool in that role. Unfortunately he was shot by a Jem'Hadar weapon and had to have his leg amputated. [109] Nog struggled with the trauma he had undergone, but thanks to advice from the hologram Vic Fontaine he managed to come to terms with his injuries and return to active duty. [110]

Nog performed so well during the final battles of the war that Captain Sisko ordered him promoted to Lieutenant as one of his final actions before joining the prophets in the Bajoran wormhole. [30]
Michael Eddington [17] A Starfleet security officer, Eddington was assigned to Deep Space Nine in 2371 after Starfleet became concerned with Odo’s reluctance to follow Starfleet operating procedures. [17] Eddington was apparently a loyal Starfleet officer; when Commander Sisko violated orders to take the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant in order to rescue Odo and Garak from the Tal’Shiar/Obsidian Order fleet which was attacking the Founder’s home world, Eddington obeyed orders to sabotage the ship’s cloaking device so as to force it to return home. However, when O’Brien managed to repair the device Eddington gave Sisko his word that he would make no further attempt to stop the mission, and participated fully in the rescue. [111]

In 2372 Eddington defected to the Maquis terrorist organisation. He hijacked a shipment of industrial replicators which had been bound for Cardassia to assist in rebuilding after the war with the Klingons. [14] Sisko was given the task of hunting Eddington down and capturing him, but he enjoyed little success at this and by 2373 Eddington was still at large and leading the Maquis. Starfleet assigned the mission of capturing him to Captain Sanders of the USS Malinche, but he had no more success. When Eddington embarked on a campaign of poisoning the atmosphere of Cardassian colony worlds within the de-militarised zone, Captain Sisko detonated a pair trilithium-enhanced warheads in the atmosphere of Solossos III, a Maquis colony world, rendering it uninhabitable for decades to come. Sisko threatened to destroy every colony in the de-militarised zone unless Eddington agreed to hand over the remaining biogenic weapons and surrender himself. [15]

In 2373, Starfleet intercepted a communication indicating that the Maquis had armed a group of cloaked missiles which would launch a devastating attack against Cardassia in reprisal for the near-annihilation of the Maquis by the Jem’Hadar. Sisko and Eddington embarked on a mission to stop the missiles, but it transpired that this was simply a Maquis ruse which was designed to allow Eddington to rescue the remaining Maquis survivors from Athos IV. Eddington fell back to cover the escape of the survivors, who included his wife Rebecca Sullivan. He was hit by fire from Jem'Hadar soldiers and killed. [112]


Name Description
Abdon [102] A member of O'Brien's engineering crew, Abdon served on Deep Space Nine during 2373. [102]
Amaro [70] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Amaro was part of the team which attempted to retrieve salvage from Empok nor in 2373. He was killed by Cardassian assassins left behind in stasis to guard the station. [70]
Anara [113] A Bajoran engineer, Anara worked on Deep Space Nine during 2369. [113]
Ensign Bertram [114] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Bertram was a keen collector of weaponry - most especially including Federation, Klingon and Cardassian arms. In 2375 he accessed the replicator files for the TR-116 rifle without authorisation. When a TR-116 was used in several murders aboard the station a month later, Bertram became one of the chief suspects. He attempted to flee when questioned, leading Ezri to believe that he was the murderer. Under the influence of the Joran host's personality, which Ezri had summoned for consultation in the case, she almost stabbed Bertram as he attempted his escape. It ws subsequently proved that he could not have been the killer as he was on Bajor when the first murder occurred. [114]
Lieutenant Bilecki A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Bilecki became engaged to a Bajoran resident whilst serving aboard and was saddened to be forced to evacuate in 2370 when a fanatical Bajoran group invaded the station. [8]
Boq'Ta [70] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Boq'Ta was part of the team which attempted to retrieve salvage from Empok nor in 2373. He was killed by Cardassian assassins left behind in stasis to guard the station. [70]
Brota [99] A descendant of Worf in an alternate timeline in which the Defiant had been thrown far into the past and crashlanded on the planet Gaia. Brota was the leader of a group which followed Klingon traditions. He asked Worf to kill him rather than be erased from the timeline when the Defiant avoided the crash, but Sisko and the rest of the crew decided to recreate the accident to allow their descendants to go on living. However, due to an act of sabotage by Odo the crash was avoided in any case and Brota was indeed erased from existence. [99]
Zim Brott [114] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Brott arrived on the station in 2370 and served there until he was murdered by Chu'lak in 2375. His wife and co-husband lived on Bolarus IX along with his two children. [114]
Ensign Carson [115] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew during 2372, Carson was on the Defiant when it was forced to take shelter in the atmosphere of a gas giant in a Dominion attack. [115]
Chu'lak [114] A Starfleet officer, Chu'lak graduated the academy in 2355. His first assignment was under Captain Jason Stone aboard the geo-terraforming vessel USS Strata. His record was exemplary with the exception of a note by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Martin Rackman indicating some minor psychological instability. Chu'lak joined the USS Grissom in 2365; when the ship was lost at the battle of Ricktor Prime in 2375 Chu'lak and five others were the only survivors of the 1,250 crew. Chu'lak joined Deep Space Nine shortly afterwards, but the trauma of the Grissom's loss drove him to become unstable and in 2375 he murdered three people aboard the station with a modified TR-116 rifle. He was apprehended by Lieutenant Dax. [116]
Ensign DeCurtis [66] A member of O'Brien's engineering staff on Deep Space Nine, DeCurtis was aboard when O'Brien was replaced by a replica as part of an attempt to disrupt a Paradan peace conference in 2370. [66]
Gabriel [99] A descendant of the Defiant crew in an alternate timeline in which the Defiant had been thrown far into the past and crashlanded on the planet Gaia. Gabriel was erased from existence when the Defiant avoided the crash. [99]
Ensign Paul Gordon [117] A crewmember of Sisko's captured Jem'hadar warship, Gordon was stranded with him on an uninhabited planet when the ship crashlanded. He was killed in a battle with some Jem'Hadar who were also stranded on the planet. [117]
Hoya [118] A Starfleet officer, Hoya was a member of the party which investigated mining opportunities on a Gamma Quadrant planet in 2373. She was killed when her Runabout was destroyed by a Jem'Hadar attack ship. [118]
Hector Ilario [114] A young Starfleet officer assigned to Deep Space Nine in 2375, Ilario was an expert pilot who successfully helmed the Defiant during a battle with six Jem'Hadar attack ships. He was murdered by Chu'lak shortly afterwards. [114]
Nurse Jabara [7] A nurse on Deep Space Nine, Jabara was present when the station was affected by an aphasia virus in 2369. [97] She assisted Bashir with his treatment of Garak when the tailor's neural implant malfunctioned in 2370 [119], and when Vedek Bareil was mortally injured in 2371. [120] She was also present when Bashir himself was subjected to a telepathic attack by a Lethean. [89]
Janklow [115] A Starfleet crewman, Janklow served aboard the USS Defiant in 2372. He was present when the ship was damaged by a Jem'Hadar attack and forced to hide in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet. Janklow was injured in an explosion on deck 2 whilst working to repair the ship. [115]
Jimenez [121] A Starfleet officer, Jimenez was stationed aboard Deep Space 9 in 2372. He was a security officer, and was one of those assigned to protect Shakaar Edon during his visit to the station. [121]
Ensign Kelly [7] A member of Deep Space 9's crew, Ensign Kelly served aboard the station in the 2370s. His daughter worked with a Bajoran girl on a prize winning science fair project in 2370. Kelly was one of those who left the station when the Bajoran provisional government was dissolved in that year. [8] He was also present when Garak investigated Rugal's plight [122], when Odo returned to the Great Link to be judged by the Founders [123], when Odo and Kira initiated their romantic relationship [39], when the Dominion captured Deep Space 9 [19], and when Garak's claustrophobia flared up in 2375. [124]
Ensign Latara [125] A Bajoran crewmember on Deep Space Nine, Latara's marriage was blessed by Captain Sisko. [125]
Li Nalas [7] A reknowned Bajoran resistance leader, Li was considered to be an inspirational figure after his victory in hand to hand combat over a Cardassian Gul. In fact the Cardassian had been caught completely by surprise whist bathing, and Li was always to remember how embarrased the man had been to be killed in his underwear. Li was captured during the occupation and had been believed killed, but in 2370 he was found to be still in captivity on Cardassia IV. He was rescued from the prison camp, and briefly served on the staff of Deep Space Nine. [31] Li was killed when the Circle took control of the station. [8]
Ensign Manwaring [67] A member of the Deep Space Nine crew in 2370. [67]
Muniz [7] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew in 2372, Muniz was aboard the USS Defiant when it was forced to hide from two Jem'Hadar attack ships in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet. [115] In the same year he was investigating a Gamma Quadrant planet when another Jem'Hadar ship crash-landed there; when Captain Sisko claimed the ship as Federation property, Muniz was injured by Dominion ground troops. He bled to death some hours later. [118]
Neela [7] A Bajoran engineer who worked on Deep Space Nine. Neela had a beep belief in the Prophets, and was took part in a conspiracy with Vedek Winn to close down the Federation school on Deep Space Nine. The intent was to lure Vedek Bareil to the station so that Neela could assassinate him, clearing the way for Winn to gain a greater voice in Bajoran politics. The plot failed, and Neela was taken into custody for the attempted murder. She refused to name Winn as a conspirator. [10]
Lieutenant Lisa Neeley [117] A crewmember of Sisko's captured Jem'hadar warship, Neely was stranded with him on an uninhabited planet when the ship crashlanded. She took part in a battle with some Jem'Hadar who were also stranded on the planet. [117]
Nori [102] A member of O'Brien's engineering crew, Tekoa served on Deep Space Nine during 2373. [102]
Okala [126] An officer in the Bajoran Militia, Okala was stationed in the Ops area of Deep Space Nine. [126]
Parell [99] A descendant of the Defiant crew in an alternate timeline in which the Defiant had been thrown far into the past and crashlanded on the planet Gaia. Parell was erased from existence when the Defiant avoided the crash. [99]
Pechetti [70] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Pechetti was a keen collector of Cardassial military insignia. He was looking forward to pursuing his hobby as part of the team which attempted to retrieve salvage from Empok nor in 2373. Unfortunately he was killed by Cardassian assassins left behind in stasis to guard the station. [70]
Lieutenant George Primmin [127] A Starfleet security officer, Primmin was assigned to Deep Space in 2369. He was initially wary of Odo's approach to security, but came to respect the Constable's abilities. [127]
Lieutenant Reese [14] A Starfleet security officer aboard Deep Space Nine. Reese worked with Eddington to ensure the security of a dozen CFI replicators which were being transported to Cardassian space in 2372. [14]
Security Officer Seelee [67] A female member of Odo's security team on Deep Space Nine in 2370 [67]
Stevens [115] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew during 2372, Stevens was on the Defiant when it was forced to take shelter in the atmosphere of a gas giant in a Dominion attack. [115]
Stolzoff [70] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Stolzoff was part of the team which attempted to retrieve salvage from Empok nor in 2373. She was killed by Cardassian assassins left behind in stasis to guard the station. [70]
Lieutenant Strek [67] A member of the Deep Space Nine crew during 2370. [67]
T'Lor [118] A Starfleet officer, T'Lor was killed by the Jem'Hadar during Captain Sisko's efforts to recover a crashed Dominion attack ship. [118]
Tagana [128] A nurse who worked on Deep Space Nine in 2372, Tagana assisted with Jake's treatment when he was injured by an alien entity. [128]
Tekoa [102] A member of O'Brien's engineering crew, Tekoa served on Deep Space Nine during 2373. [102]
Greta Vanderweg [114] A member of Deep Space Nine's crew, Vanderweg was a Lieutenant Commander. She was born in 2338 and joined Starfleet in 2363. In 2372 she transferred to Deep Space Nine, where she served until she was murdered by Chu'lak in 2375. Her husband was a micro-paleontologist on Mora V. [114]
Whatley [102] A member of O'Brien's engineering crew, Whatley served on Deep Space Nine during 2373. [102]

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Episode : Ferengi Love Songs
Series : DS9 Season 3
Episode : Facets
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Little Green Men
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : The Ascent
Series : DS9 Season 6
Episode : Valiant
Series : DS9 Season 7
Episode : The Siege of AR-558
Series : DS9 Season 7
Episode : It's Only a Paper Moon
Series : DS9 Season 3
Episode : The Die is Cast
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : Blaze of Glory
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Forsaken
Series : DS9 Season 7
Episode : Field of Fire
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Starship Down
Series : DS9 Season 7
Episode : Field of Fire
Comment : Chu'lak's back story is from a computer display clearly legible on screen
Series : DS9 Season 6
Episode : Rocks and Shoals
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : The Ship
Series : DS9 Season 2
Episode : The Wire
Series : DS9 Season 3
Episode : Life Support
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Crossfire
Series : DS9 Season 2
Episode : Cardassians
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Broken Link
Series : DS9 Season 7
Episode : Afterimage
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Accession
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : Things Past
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Passenger
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Muse

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