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All Books

Reviewer : Niall Johnson
Ave Rating : 4.5000 for 6 reviews
Title : Lost Voyages of Trek and The Next Generation Rating : 4
Writers : Bill Planer Year : 1992
Review : The copy I have is credited to Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman, and its publishing date is 1995. Re-issue perhaps? British Version? God forbid Plaigarism? A fascinating look at shelved ideas. There are no actual scripts, but detailed synopses interspersed with dialogue extracts. Several of the stories are remarkable, the most interesting being "Blood and Fire" and "Blood and Ice" AIDS stories which suggest Regulan Bloodworms were biological weapons. Other stories were bad, and easy to see why they never made it to screen. Others still were wnating but had marvellous potential. The most obvious of these being the Star Trek II episode "The Child". There is even background to Star Trek VI: Starfleet Academy and the first draft of Generations. I would recommend this book to anyone with aspirations of writing for television and Star Trek as one can get a feel for what works and what doesn't. That being said, there are several stories here that would have beaten several aired episodes in terms of plot and story quality. Picking it up for IRĀ£3.50 in '98 was sweet as well!
Title : A Stitch in Time Rating : 5
Writers : Andrew J. Robinson Year : 2000
Review : A beautiful intricate tale with a heartful series of stories and a poignant ending. Garak's difficulty in separating his personal and professional lives in a duty enforced culture and his hardship on Terok-Nor are masterfully depicted.
Title : Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Rating : 3
Writers : Andrew Strader, Nick Nicolas, William Shakespeare Year : 1996
Review : Quite a tongue twister. It's saving grace is that the English (translation?) is on the opposite page to keep one from being lost. Probably not something you'd stage outside of a convention, but a lot of fun to read!
Title : Get A Life! Rating : 5
Writers : Chris Kreski, William Shatner Year : 1999
Review : What began as a documentary for Shatner into trying to understand Trekkies, a wonderful memoir of convention tours both on stage and on the floor emerged. A revalation of the many ways that Star Trek has touched lives, encouraged many and even helps one woman's therapy from a violent childhood is chronicled. Full of funny stories, anecdotes and indeed sage advice for those who live for the dealer's room, Shatner gives a very moving and down to earth (no pun intended) broadview of the Trekkie and Convention phenomenon. The Photograph section includes an early Star Trek newsletter signed by Gene Roddenberry and a flyer from (one of)the first Star Trek conventions held.
Title : Star Trek Sticker Book Rating : 5
Writers : Denise Okuda, Doug Drexler, Michael Okuda Year : 1999
Review : Lots of fun. The Door signs and capsule labels are plaguing various doors and drawers. Plenty of logos and insigniae to decorate a laptop, kitbashed prop etc.
Title : The Captain's Daughter Rating : 5
Writers : Peter David Year : 1995
Review : Beautifully written. Fits in with canon continuity in a far superior manner then most of what is screened. It was nice to see Captain Harriman explained and fleshed out, and Sulu vulnerable.

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