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Reviewer : Mike
Ave Rating : 3.6667 for 6 reviews
Title : A Time to Hate Rating : 1
Writers : Robert Greenberger Year : 2004
Review : Depressingly dull, with little to no action. The various uninteresting subplots continue to underwhealm and peter out with no real resolution. Even Kyle Riker's death and Riker and Troi get engaged failed to liven up this book. AVOID!!
Title : A Time to Kill Rating : 4
Writers : David Mack Year : 2004
Review : Thank god- after the merely average melodrama of "A Time to Hate"- David Mack restores my faith in the series with the beginning of an amazing two parter. Part political drama, part espionage thriller and part war drama- David Mack really knows what he is doing. The middle bit does drag on, but other than that its a really really good book.
Title : These Are the Voyages... A Three-Dimensional Star Trek Album Rating : 3
Writers : Charles Kurts Year : 1996
Review : Nice pop-ups, a little scant on deatail.
Title : I Am Spock Rating : 4
Writers : Leonard Nimoy Year : 1995
Review : An overview of Mr. Nimoy's career pre and post ST as told from a first person POV as well as the POV of a certain well known Vulcan science officer. The 'conversations' Mr. Nimoy has with his Vulcan alter ego are interesting and insightful.
Title : Rihannsu Book 1 : My Enemy, My Ally Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1984
Review : This book introduces to ST fandom the character of khre'Riov Ael i-Mhiessan t'Rllaillieu, a Romluan commander who is the most intriguing non-Federation character we have seen. Flat out, this is an excellent read and one that I have read and re-read many times over. Ms. Duane takes us, step by step, into the whys and wherefores of Romulan thinking and in later books in the series, Romulan politics. A must read for all Trekfen.
Title : Rihannsu Book 5 : The Empty Chair Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 2006
Review : By far the longest book of the series (although one gets the sense that books three and four were actually one story split into two seperate books). This closes out the story arc started in "My Enemy, My Ally". And that is an unfortunate thing since this is easily the best of the series (I would give it 6 or 7 if the site let me), outside of a few nits that need to be picked. The ending was a bit of a surprise (at least to me). A book that I could (and have) read, re-read, re-re-read time and time again. Ael is one of the few non-Federation characters that you end up caring about. A must have and a must read for all Trekfen.

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