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Reviewer : Greg Janesch
Ave Rating : 3.4000 for 10 reviews
Title : A Flag Full of Stars Rating : 3
Writers : Brad Ferguson Year : 1991
Review : A good book, though it seems that they are rather slow in building up the suspense. I wish they said more about the globe that G'dath made. The climax is a little short-lived, too.
Title : Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future Rating : 3
Writers : Denise Okuda, Michael Okuda Year : 1993
Review : This compliments such books as the encyclopedia by listing everything in chronological order. They do need a new one, though; it's 12 years out of date.
Title : How Much for Just the Planet? Rating : 3
Writers : John M. Ford Year : 1987
Review : This was by far one of the strangest Trek storylines ever. It seemed fairly entertaining, but got a bit confusing at the end.
Title : Spock Must Die! Rating : 3
Writers : James Blish Year : 1970
Review : Despite the odd title, the book isn't bad. The story does have several parts which seem rather advanced for the time; the Klingons' shield didn't seem realistic for the 23rd century. Plus, the Klingons getting it up in the first place seemed implausible. A nice, if mildly confusing, read; I wouldn't recommend this to a nitpicker, though.
Title : Corona Rating : 1
Writers : Greg Bear Year : 1984
Review : I agree with Bates; the story is just too cold. It's just so, I don't know, dark, I guess. This book could have used some major revamping.
Title : Do Comets Dream? Rating : 4
Writers : S.P. Somtow Year : 2003
Review : The book didn't always make sense (I read over one or two parts twice just to make sure), but it had a good feel to it. No major problems with it. I liked it a lot.
Title : Death Count Rating : 4
Writers : L.A. Graf Year : 1992
Review : It did have a good feel - it seemed like it should be in that era. Overall, a pretty good book; it was nice to see two minor races (the Andorians and the Orions) talked about in this book, instead of the Klingons, Romulans, or someone that was made up just for the novel.
Title : The Romulan Prize Rating : 5
Writers : Simon Hawke Year : 1993
Review : This was a very good book. Though details on the Syrinx were sketchy, the rest of the story made for a good, enjoyable read. Definitely a book worth getting.
Title : The Abode of Life Rating : 4
Writers : Lee Correy Year : 1982
Review : A very interesting book. Though I do think that if they had tried to stabilize that star later on, it would have made it that much shorter. In short, a good, and rather fast read.
Title : The Physics of Star Trek Rating : 4
Writers : Lawrence M. Krauss Year : 1995
Review : This was an impressive and interesting look at the physics and technology of Star Trek. I do believe that images taken from the shows would have made it better, but, as is, it's pretty good

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