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Reviewer : Brady
Ave Rating : 4.5000 for 4 reviews
Title : Homecoming Rating : 4
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : This book gives us really good closure for Voyager. It shows us what happens after the crew returns home. Each of the crew members gets a lot of "page time", so to speak. The first 200 pages of the book are all about the return of the crew of Voyager and them getting re-acclimated to life in the Alpha Quadrant. This is perfect for those Voyager nuts out there who want to find out what happens to their favorite characters after they return home to Earth. The plot itself does take a long time to rear its head, which is the main reason that I didn't give this book a five out of five. However, the book gives us a great look at what happens after Endgame. It's one of my favorite Star Trek books that I've read. Now granted, someone who does not like Voyager is not going to like this book. Those who have no real feelings about Voyager will find this to be a good read. And avid Voyager fans, like myself, will probably love this book.
Title : Millennium: Book 1 : The Fall of Terok Nor Rating : 5
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 2000
Review : The Millennium Trilogy is the greatest trilogy of Star Trek books I have ever read. From beginning to end, it is simply stunning. I found the trilogy as an Omnibus version at my library and I bought it. I looked at the back of the book, where it offered a timeline of the events of the Millennium trilogy. I was stunned, and I knew that I had to read these books. The first one does not disappoint. It is thoroughly engrossing and fulfilling. The entire novel holds your attention fast and never lets go until the final heart-stopping pages. Picturing the destruction of DS9 is unbelievably eerie and freaky. An excellent kickoff to a great trilogy.
Title : Millennium: Book 2 : The War of the Prophets Rating : 5
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 2000
Review : Again, another excellent book. The second novel of the Millennium trilogy also grabs your attention and never lets go. Every page of the book offers another surprise or twist or revelation about some character that keeps you reading and reading. As with the first one, the ending of the book is stunning to picture. The last pages are heartstopping, and make you crave to read the third and final chapter in the trilogy.
Title : Millennium: Book 3 : Inferno Rating : 4
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 2000
Review : Inferno is the weak link of the Millennium Trilogy. While excellent, it is extremely complicated and difficult to understand. The metaphysical stuff in is is very confusing. It does provide a very satisfactory ending to the trilogy, but it is very hard to understand. The Millennium Trilogy is not just a must for DS9 fans, but a must for any avid Star Trek fan.

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