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Reviewer : Mikaa
Ave Rating : 4.4286 for 7 reviews
Title : Rihannsu Book 1 : My Enemy, My Ally Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1984
Review : Perhapse one of the greatest novels in all of Trek. Diane Duane once again delivers a stellar novel, only made all the better by the fact that both this book (and its semi-sequel, "The Romulan Way") would eventually be expanded on and continued in later books years down the road. Yet, even with all four books, this is still a great read, and stands well by itself. A wonderful insight into Romulan culture (not to mention the more credible appearance of non-human crewmen). Humor abounds, drama is there, and Kirk is locked in a brig. Need we say more? ^_^
Title : Spock's World Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1988
Review : Quite possibly the greatest "Giant Novel" of the Original Series, and amongst Imzadi, Dark Mirror, and various other TNG super novels in terms of quality and scope. There is so much material in this novel, one wonders why some aspects were not converted to cannon. Before ENT introduced a Vulcan Civil War, we had the various eras of Vulcan, from primitive, non-speaking days, to "midievil," to space-faring, to near war with their version of Nuclear toys. But all of this plot plays out off and on while we hear a series of debates as to whether or not the Vulcans should leave the Federation. T'Pau (of Amok Time fame) is dying, and a petition for Vulcan to leave the UFP is being considered. Everyone gets a say of their thoughts, even someone you wouldn't expect to voice a thought. Very, very good, and even newer series and new cannon cannot harm this classic. A must-have by any means.
Title : Intellivore Rating : 4
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1997
Review : If not for the repeated statements from Dr. Crusher about the victims of this tale, this might have gotten a five of five. The story is slow in places, but the author keeps cannon in place, introduces some new faces that we care about, keeps the suspense up, keeps continuity with her own works (the Romulan spy's tale of the colony ships being the key piece I refer to), and has an ending that is both credible and shocking. Not for everyone, but if you like mysterious ancient ships/beings and an author that is not affraid to use a bit of humor, this is a must-read. Especially for Diane Duane fans.
Title : Dark Mirror Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1993
Review : Forget, for the moment, those annoyingly bad DS9 Mirror Universe episodes. Forget the Mirror Universe in ENT. Pick up this novel, and experiance a treat. For one, this novel fits well into the Trek lore that was created in "Mirror, Mirror," with a savage Enterprise mirroring our lovely ship, but with a twist this time: the Terran Empire seeks to conquer our universe, and thus pull our Enterprise into ours. Without spoiling the story, the plot is very fast paced, very suspenseful, and very amusing. The villains (the evil crew) is actually a credible threat, and make you wonder about what might have been. Best of all, though, is that there are actually simmilarities between the crews, which lead to disturbing revelations... A must have, though severely dated by the half-baked Mirror Universe pieces of DS9. Igore those, though: you will enjoy this better if you do.
Title : Doctor's Orders Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1990
Review : I picked this up on a recommendation by a magazine on the best "Bones" novels, and this is definately a great read. First off, despite a bit of contriveness, Kirk places McCoy as commander of the Enterprise as they visit a new world of three indigeoness life forms (two of which would have been great to at least APPEAR in other Trek works). Naturally, Klingons and Vanishing Kirk (TM) occur, but in ways more believable than anything on Cannon Trek. I cannot spoil much, but suffice to say that McCoy's tauning of the Klingon Captin is among my all-time favorite dialog bits in written Trek, made all the better by trying to envision peaceful Deforest Kelley saying the lines.
Title : Rihannsu Book 2 : The Romulan Way Rating : 3
Writers : Diane Duane, Peter Morwood Year : 1987
Review : While very good in its own right, "The Romulan Way" lacks the pacing of other Diane Duane novels, and compared to its "prequel," "My Enemy, My Ally," just doesn't have the humor or suspense. Granted, the story concept is notably different, but it is not really until the very end that I began to have a massive interest, especially the Council scene. By far, my largest gripe is the fact that some idiot sent McCoy to be captured and sent to his destination to find just one person, with little or no chance of sucess or retrieval. Excuse me? And I thought the efforts to steal a cloaking device were unbelievable...
Title : The Wounded Sky Rating : 4
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1983
Review : Wow. I was fortunate to find this in hardback at a discount store, and was all the more glad to do so. Diane Duane's novels are some of the best in all of Sci-Fi, and typically reference each other. Numerous events appear in this book that are talked about in other books (namely "Spock's World"). But, for all its immense quality, the technical aspects of the story are severely dated. Mostly, the new engine (or, as VOY calls them, "Drive-of-the-week") is nothing new in Trek lore (though it might have been back then), and a few other minor technical areas are shakey. BUT! The story is still very good, and one cannot help but begin to think later in the story at the climax. A must have, provided you are lucky enough to find a copy.

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