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Reviewer : KC
Ave Rating : 3.2000 for 5 reviews
Title : Objective: Bajor Rating : 3
Writers : John Peel Year : 1996
Review : Decent book. I thought the story was good and the aliens were very interesting. The ending was a bit subpar, but that is my only compliant.
Title : Into the Nebula Rating : 3
Writers : Gene DeWeese Year : 1995
Review : I thought the story was interesting, but very slow paced. It's not the best TNG book out there. But if you need something to read for an afternoon, it's a decent choice.
Title : New Frontier 12 : After the Fall Rating : 4
Writers : Peter David Year : 2004
Review : When I first picked up the book, I was pretty disappointed that Peter David decided to skip ahead a few years. Although as I read the book, I began to understand why. The New Frontier series was starting to get a bit dry and skipping a few years did add new life to the series. All the main characters are in this book and David did a good job of explaining what they have been doing. He also brings back a character, Xyon. The story is also good. But I can only recommend it to those who are caught up on the New Frontier series. Also, if you want a lot of action, you probably will be somewhat disappointed with this book. After the Fall is more of a drama then action, which isn't a big deal for me because the story was still very good. My only compliant is this is a hard cover book and yet still fairly short, ending with a cliff hanger. I would have rather had a thicker book with a complete story. But you don't always get what you want.
Title : Boogeymen Rating : 2
Writers : Mel Gilden Year : 1991
Review : The book had the potential to be very good, but it was spoiled by sloppy writing. First off, the good. I really like strange aliens and this book introduces a race that is very strange indeed (I can't reveal anymore information on them or it will spoil the ending a bit). Also, this book actually had a very good ending. My major compliant with most TNG books is that the endings usually seem to be rushed and not very well done. I was pleasantly surprised with Boogeymen in this department. But the book starts to do south in the area of character development. The characters for the most part didn't act like themselves. Also, there were a few logic issues with the book. These soured the experience with me, because it made the story hard to follow at times. But if you look past the problems with Boogeymen, the story is a good idea and the book is short; so it might be worth a read if you don't have anything else.
Title : Debtor's Planet Rating : 4
Writers : W.R. Thompson Year : 1994
Review : Fairly decent book. A lot goes on, but I think Thompson manages to keep everything following without it getting too confusing. Debtor's Planet is an interesting ride, introducing a new planet and it brings back Offenhouse (the frozen 20th century business man from The Natural Zone). The only problems with this book is the author added a little to Earth and federation history which conflicts with what we see later in Enterprise, DS9, Voyager, ect. Also the characters behave a bit weird sometimes. But this are minor errors in an otherwise good book. I recommend checking out Debtor's Planet.

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