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Reviewer : EntilZha
Ave Rating : 3.3333 for 3 reviews
Title : New Frontier 9 : Being Human Rating : 1
Writers : Peter David Year : 2001
Review : New Frontiers is VERY overhyped. I found this book in particular to border on the farce and to be quite frank- it was boring.
Title : A Time to Sow Rating : 5
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore Year : 2004
Review : After the unmitigated dross of A Time to be Born and A Time to Die, I was very hesitant to read A Time to Sow. But I'm relieved that I did. A Time To Sow is a clever, emotional filled book that never fails to bore me. The writers really make the Dookalan stand out and you can feel the remoteness of the colony and the desperation of the Dokaalan in trying to survive against all the odds. On top of that, whereas John Vorholt character assasinates everyone and introduces bland new characters (if you don't believe me, read A Time To Die), Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore know the characters. Picard IS Patrick Stwart's Picard, Riker is Johnathon Frake's Riker etc. The story is fast moving and characters who were largely redundant in Born/Die are really pushed to the forfront here and the writers clearly know thier Trek!
Title : Titan Book 2 : The Red King Rating : 4
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : A stunning read and a MUCH MUCH better improvement on the first installment in the series, Taking Wing. The only negative point is that the most intriguing character in the book- Doctor Ree is barely mentioned. Still, its an enjoyable read.

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