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Reviewer : Drake Zure
Ave Rating : 4.2000 for 5 reviews
Title : Best Destiny Rating : 3
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 1992
Review : A good overall read, and aside from some detail errors, it doesn't conflict too badly with established Trek canon. there's plenty of drama, and a little bit of melodrama, but that aside, it's very well written.
Title : Final Frontier Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 1988
Review : If you're looking for something that slots in nicely with established history, then I have one piece of advice: STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOK! If you're looking for an extremely well written book, this is it, assuming you can avoid flashback whiplash.
Title : Do Comets Dream? Rating : 4
Writers : S.P. Somtow Year : 2003
Review : a very good read, this book balances out action and slow-moving scenes quite nicely, and has a great ending, but much is difficult to understand about it.
Title : Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series Rating : 5
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 1997
Review : This is one of the best behind the scenes type Star Trek books that I have ever read. Well, okay, so I've only ever read two of them, but still... This is really a very interesting book, which follows the story of Star Trek: The Motion Picture from early development as a television pilot episode for Star Trek Phase II through to the final product. The book is crammed with official information, from blueprints of props and original episode concepts all the way through to the lost series' writer's bible. Just before you hit the midpoint, you see an earlier (and in my opinion, better) version of the script for TMP. After this are 32 pages of full color art, concept sketches, and frames from test footage. After these mostly very interesting images are twelve episode concepts and one episode script. Two of these episodes made it into TNG in one form or another, and one of those two was made worse by the TNG version of its script. We also get a fascinating glimpse of a Klingon Empire that might have been if Phase II had gone on.
Title : The Great Starship Race Rating : 4
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 1993
Review : This one somehow manages to be at once very surreal and one of the most plausible Star Trek books I've ever read. It starts lighthearted, middles normally and ends quite well, although there's at least three separate stories going on at once.

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