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Reviewer : DavidLPBC
Ave Rating : 4.3333 for 3 reviews
Title : Captain's Blood Rating : 5
Writers : Garfied Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens, William Shatner Year : 2003
Review : Overall, Captain's Blood was an amazing story. Filled with fast-paced action and adventure, the plot twists are too many to count. I literally felt sad when a chapter ended and it switched to another subplot, but as Shatner always does, he makes the next chapter even better than the last. The only criticism I have, and it's a small one, is that I don't think the character of Picard was quite accurately portrayed in certain parts. Aside from that, I'm scoping out Shatner's next book signing and darn well going to bring my copy. This book is a must-have.
Title : Titan Book 3 : Orion's Hounds Rating : 5
Writers : Chrostopher L. Bennett Year : 2005
Review : Titan: Orion's Hounds was amazing. There was a great amount of continuity between the characters, including ones we haven't hardly heard much of yet. The fantastic story brings back an alien race not heard of since the pilot episode of ST:TNG and introduces some pretty interesting new ones. This book is a must-have.
Title : Titan Book 2 : The Red King Rating : 3
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : Titan: The Red King was a sound book. However, there were a few factors that lead to it being a poor story. It was overall a great book but the writers got carried away with inane technobabble and long sections about the laws of astrophysics. Also, they introduce new and modified species which they don't entirely describe so you're left with more questions than answers as to what they look like and what they do. On the up side, there's great interaction between Federation, Romulan, and Klingon crews which describes each of them 100%. Also, there's great contunuity from other novels in this one such as the rift between Admiral Akaar and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. I highly recommend this novel despite certain problems with it.

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