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Reviewer : ADM_J_Herring
Ave Rating : 3.6667 for 9 reviews
Title : Rihannsu Book 2 : The Romulan Way Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane, Peter Morwood Year : 1987
Review : For those of you who wanted a book with just McCoy, you got it. For those of you who wanted to know about how the Romulans came about, you got it! It’s a story where McCoy ‘volunteers’ to work for Starfleet Intelligence to go and see about a deep cover agent on the Romulan home world, that has not been heard from in two years. In between the story is the background of how that group of Vulcans broke away and how they ended up where they are now. The Romulans. This is a GREAT book for the historian with a glossary of Romulan phrases in the back. Loved it! The older books were written in the style of the original series and used as much from there as they could and then developed new stuff. The writers knew that we could relate more to what was in that older series, as that is what made Star Trek so popular; characters and well written stories and background. This was before it was all special effects and computer stuff. I really don’t want to give some things away; as they were part of my favorite aspect of the book. So the best line in the book may not seem like much, but it was well delivered and you really have to know the original series and a certain episode to truly appreciate the mention.
Title : Mindshadow Rating : 3
Writers : J.M. Dillard Year : 1986
Review : Another good book that has an interesting question; if a planet needs help, but refuses the offer from the UFP, do they still get it? If it has substantial dilethium deposits that could fall into Romulan hands, probably. The plot, though simple, and the double agent, though somewhat obvious; the book is still a good read. The debate on what to do is good, and it is good to see Surak and Amanda back. Also, some of what they do on Vulcan. And for those McCoy fans, he falls in love and in bed. But enough on that. It also shows how Spock handles himself after a bad fall and some insight into the working and the design of the Vulcan mind. It was good to see the Tellarites back. As fellow founding UFP members, I always like when they bring a race back that we saw very little in the original series and expose a bit more about them to us. A better reference book, with things that could be expounded on, verses just a good read-and it is a good read. Not my first choice, but still a good book to have in your library
Title : The Case of the Colonist's Corpse Rating : 5
Writers : Bob Ingersoll, Tony Isabella Year : 2004
Review : I always liked Samuel T. Cogley. I didn’t know about this book until I found it in a used bookstore. It starts with Sam finishing up a trial with the help of his two able assistants. Cut to the planet Aneher II in the middle of the Federation/Klingon Neutral Zone. There are colonist from both the Federation and the Klingons working to prove to the Organians which can best settle the plant. It’s a fragile peace to say the least. So when the Federation administrator is found murdered with the head of the Klingon colony crouched over the body, it seems pretty much cut and dried. But Lieutenant Areel Shaw is going to prosecute and guess who volunteers to defend the Klingon? The first time a Klingon has ever been represented, and it’s by Cogley. I mean come on, the Klingon commander found with the body? One of the character asked; if they had killed him with a phaser, why not just vaporize the body? Or did he do it and is doing that to throw everyone off? The amount of suspects is a long list, including the victim’s ‘loving’ wife. Kirk and the Enterprise make a cameo with some discussion of a few favorite original series episodes. This book is set at the same time as ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ in the timeline. One thing that was brought up that I want to share: discussion of why Sam had been hired by Areel to represent Kirk at his court-marshal? That should make you want to read it, just for that question and the brief discussion. A good book, and I wish they had done more with this; Sam Cogley defending humans and aliens. With guest appearances and references to some of the original series episodes. This made reading it feel as if I had a sweater on. Warmed me up thinking of those others times.
Title : The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Rating : 3
Writers : Ira Steven Behr Year : 1995
Review : Hard to screw up what Rules of Acquisition are known. Good list to have, but it is just that; a list.
Title : Timetrap Rating : 3
Writers : David Dvorkin Year : 1988
Review : Someone must have been watching the World War 2 movie '36 hours" with James Garner when they wrote this. Kirk travels a 100 years into the future. Not a bad story, but not as well done. Though to be fair, this was before the technological explosion of our own (Internet, cell phones, etc), so we were still trying to think of doing things differently within the Trek universe. I do like the idea that maybe the Klingons are better pharmacists. Also, that the Klingons aren't as honorable; this is still the time when they remember how Klingons were on TOS before TNG jumped the shark. Though the story is fair, there are many side points that I enjoyed (and I can't say as that would give away other things). Not bad. Solid, but could have been better.
Title : From the Depths Rating : 5
Writers : Victor Milan Year : 1993
Review : I liked this books because: a) I know the author, b) I make a brief cameo as a security guard (no I don't die) c) its has interesting, fresh ideas with ties and talks about classic episodes, d) all of the above. The answer is: D. This book was written when the writers referred back to classic episodes and characters. I like books like that. And of course seeing your name as a guard, so you can prove you served with Kirk is a kick in the pants (don;t know whether its an accident or design, but I'll take anyway I can). But seriously, Vic also writes in the style that i like; his voice is what I grew up reading and enjoy. Even the cover art is what I consider classic (not TOS) Trek. I highly recommend this book.
Title : Bloodthirst Rating : 4
Writers : J.M. Dillard Year : 1987
Review : I liked this book as it focused on others besides the Holy Trilogy of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The 'vampire' line was ok, but the conspiracy in Starfleet, ah there's the rub. I will say it has a bit of a body count. Keep an open mind; I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the book until I just re-read it.
Title : Dreams of the Raven Rating : 1
Writers : Carmen Carter Year : 1987
Review : The best way to describe this book is like a sneeze; it builds, builds and then....nothing; sniff and inhale and its gone. Forget the technical aspect of how much damage a starship can take or travel time (this is 1987, give them break-suspend disbelief and just enjoy.) The story is definitely McCoy heavy and thats ok. But even the other characters are stereotypes of the original. and even then Uhura gets to go onto a landing party into danger, its flat. Chekov just spouts Russia lines. The "Ravens" are an interesting race, but the ending was a let down. I was expecting a heavy epilogue, and it didn't happen. It was like the author had a great idea and build up and then the space battle and then.... now what? How do I set everything back to the way it should be. This could have ended better or at lest explain things at the end. Disappointing.
Title : The Janus Gate Book 3 : Present Tense Rating : 4
Writers : L.A. Graf Year : 2002
Review : The book that I have is lists Present Tense as Book One of Three. And the since the way it ended was definitely set up for a continuation, I will say this is the 1st of a three books series. I liked this book. This takes place right after "The Naked Time." It has a brand new ensign Chekov on the Enterprise. It goes through some revisiting previous TOS things, which I always enjoy. Continuity I thought was a little lacking in the TOS series and the books seem to pick up the slack. Also, it has Uhura being the senior officer of a trapped landing party. Not to mention they reference "The Bermuda Triangle"; another favorite of mine. This has some interesting gadgets and ideas; though towards the end, it seemed like it was heading too much into different directions, so, that's why I gave it 4 instead of 5. Seemed to try to build up to too much, and not sure which way it was going. But it definitely sets you up for the next installment. You will not be disappointed. I am looking for the 2d book now.

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