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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion

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Title : Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion
Writers : Brad Ferguson
Year :
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Reviewer : Pikachu Rating : 5
Review : A great book, giving tremendous insight into the makings of the series. after season 4 when the series took a darker more serious tone and the build to dominion war the characters reall flesh out and you can see the beginnings of the style of writing that ronald d moore added to the series and would go on to expand upon and refine for battlestar galactica. only bad thing I can say about this book is that it makes me desperatly miss DS9. of course we do have galactica now but I want a DS9 movie made right with the writers from the show and NO BERMAN.
Reviewer : JHD4 Rating : 5
Review : The DS9 Companion is fascinating! It has all the little bits of information most people look for but can never find anywhere else. It's all in there, as well as things that aren't on the DVD's. Buy it. You'll love it!
Reviewer : Tiberius Rating : 5
Review : Incredible book! Buy it if you see it, it's filled with tons of fascinating information from behind the scenes, as well as a map of Bajor!
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