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Vanguard Book 1 : Harbinger

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Title : Vanguard Book 1 : Harbinger
Writers : Jeffrey B. Snyder
Year :
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Reviewer : Reliant121 Rating : 5
Review : Star Trek vanguard: Harbinger is one of the best books I have read. It takes the same quality character interplays as the television series and sets it in a different environment to normal, a starbase with all the diplomatic and administrative challenges within. The book is based on one single story, elaborated in the other two books in the series, But there are several smaller plots that converge together to produce the ending in Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind. The characters are well thought out and introduce new conepts (Namely the homosexuality of Lt. Cmdr. T'Prynn) and still manages to make it a tru star trek story. A must read in my opinion.
Reviewer : Sean Rating : 3
Review : For the time period, I think the Vanguard books are excellent. The characters are original (a lesbian Vulcan, who'd a thunk it?) and their interactions are pretty good, and it's on a space station so there is a wide variety of them and that's pretty cool; the lesian vulcan, a journalist, the CO and his girlfriend who's a JAG lawyer, this smuggler dude, etc, etc). The writing is pretty good and the story flows and it keeps the reader interested, which is always good.
Reviewer : RomulusEye Rating : 5
Review : This is a great book but before the first in the series is read it is noteworthy that this extreamly hard to put down and you may find yourself going to B&N at 9 oclock to get the next in line...well i did anyway it contais well developed charecters and a intreeging plot line that only unfolds at the climax of the book
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