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Titan Book 4 : Sword of Damocles

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Title : Titan Book 4 : Sword of Damocles
Writers : David Mack
Year :
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Reviewer : htenley2 Rating : 3
Review : I waited over 2 years for this book and I was really disappointed. The book was very technical and some parts of the story line were dry. Also this is the 4th book in the Titan series and they still really haven't expolored Riker and Troi's marriage in the depth that most imzadi fans want. I hope that the next book will explore more of there relationship and the possible birth of there child.
Reviewer : Drakkillus Darksunn Rating : 4
Review : Decent, although time continuity stories are usually fleshed out more than what was explained. Still a good read.
Reviewer : Bodhi Rating : 1
Review : A poor entry in the otherwise excellent Titan series. An overly-convoluted and confusing story that weaves in and out of the present day and distant past. There is an overall disappointing use of characters (70 pages go by before Captain Riker is even mentioned), though the few who are central to the story are fairly well utilized. Competantly written by Geoffrey Thorne with some interesting ideas but not gripping and lacks the epic feel that the previous Titan entries have had in spades.
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