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Titan Book 3 : Orion's Hounds

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Title : Titan Book 3 : Orion's Hounds
Writers : Robert Greenberger
Year :
Rating : No guest reviews availableAdd your own review
Reviewer : CaptnQuantum Rating : 5
Review : The strongest installment of Titan so far. The plot is its strength - a classic Trek tale in which an apparently simple good versus evil scenario becomes much more morally complicated once the full picture becomes clear and leaves the crew wondering which side, if any, they ought to take. It also takes the concept of space-faring life, a feature which Trek too often uses as "space monster of the week", and expands it into a full space-faring ecosystem in a very satisfying way. It even manages to have a go at explaining the stranger aspects of the "space jelly" species from Encounter at Farpoint. Someone at Paramount should seriously consider this plot as a basis for a future Trek movie, it is that good. And CGI would do wonders for the various space-faring species. Character development is a little less prominent than the previous two books, but we know the Titan crew better now, so this isn't a real weakness. This is a must-read.
Reviewer : Adam Rating : 5
Review : A really gripping novel, well written by an excellent author. Quite easily the best 'Trek' book I've read. Fast paced action with a great narrative makes this book deserve it's "bestsellers" title. Christopher L. Bennett clearly has a great love of 'Star Trek' with many references to past series littered throughout. Although I could go on for some length about this book, it would no doubt exceed 5000 chars., suficed to say, I'll definately be reading more Christopher L. Bennett novels in the future.
Reviewer : DavidLPBC Rating : 5
Review : Titan: Orion's Hounds was amazing. There was a great amount of continuity between the characters, including ones we haven't hardly heard much of yet. The fantastic story brings back an alien race not heard of since the pilot episode of ST:TNG and introduces some pretty interesting new ones. This book is a must-have.
Reviewer : Entil'Zha Rating : 5
Review : Gripping from start to finish, the writers makes sure to make the aliens as alien as possible. It's incredably well written and anyone who like Trek will love this book.
Reviewer : Drakkillus Darksunn Rating : 4
Review : Good overall, needs a little more development with a (any) secondary character, perhaps a little more of Dr. Ree.
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