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Titan Book 2 : The Red King

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Title : Titan Book 2 : The Red King
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevine Dilmore
Year :
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Reviewer : CaptnQuantum Rating : 4
Review : In terms of writing style, this book is very similar to Taking Wing - that is to say, excellent. The balance between action and character development is again spot on. The character development is great and picks up on several threads from the first instalment. The storyline seems much more epic than Taking Wing because the characters are into it from page one and it has the entire book to develop. The emphasis on the diversity of the crew and the aliens the crew encounter is certainly a step apart from the TV series - we even encounter an alien who can separate its body parts - but I think one of the strengths of Trek novels is that, without a make up budget to worry about, they can have a diverse crew. However, I just think the authors go a bit overboard with the whole diversity message. The crews of both the Titan and the Neyel vessel are so unbelievably diverse that it starts to get a bit ridiculous. Guys, we got it about halfway through the first book - diversity is great and we all have to work to overcome our prejudices. Ease off for a while!
Reviewer : EntilZha Rating : 4
Review : A stunning read and a MUCH MUCH better improvement on the first installment in the series, Taking Wing. The only negative point is that the most intriguing character in the book- Doctor Ree is barely mentioned. Still, its an enjoyable read.
Reviewer : DavidLPBC Rating : 3
Review : Titan: The Red King was a sound book. However, there were a few factors that lead to it being a poor story. It was overall a great book but the writers got carried away with inane technobabble and long sections about the laws of astrophysics. Also, they introduce new and modified species which they don't entirely describe so you're left with more questions than answers as to what they look like and what they do. On the up side, there's great interaction between Federation, Romulan, and Klingon crews which describes each of them 100%. Also, there's great contunuity from other novels in this one such as the rift between Admiral Akaar and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. I highly recommend this novel despite certain problems with it.
Reviewer : Jarrod Rossi Rating : 5
Review : I thought this book was a great edition to the Titan series, followed up Taking Wing very nicely, and then added a very interesting twist. I recommend this book
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 4
Review : Great follow-up to Taking Wing. It's always good to see Romulans about...
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