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Star Trek: Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise

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Title : Star Trek: Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise
Writers : Dean Wesley Smith
Year :
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Reviewer : AggieRob Rating : 4
Review : How could any self-respecting TOS Trekkie NOT have read this book? Unless I am sorely mistaken, this was the first "Technical Manual" for Star Trek. The images aren't as great as they could have been, but the CONTENT is awesome! I love how it was written from the POV of Mr Scott. A must-read for anyone interested in the Enterprise-A.
Reviewer : KurdtLives Rating : 5
Review : You are sorely mistaken, Franz Joseph did a Tech Manual during the great Star Trek drought with some blessing by Roddenberry, then Roddenberry started doing the movies/TNG and sort of kinda screwed Franz out of being canon. Anyways, this guide is very cool. I learned where the aft phasers are. The author also did some nifty guide to Star Wars ships.
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