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Title : Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Volume II: Trill / Bajor
Writers : Andy Mangels, J. Noah Kym, Michael A. Martin
Year : 2005
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 3
Review : The Worlds of Deep Space Nine continues with an exploration of Trill in the wake of the parasite and Bajor as it enters the Federation. The Trill story (unjoined) is an exciting exploration of the Trill through the eyes of Ezri Dax and Julian Bashir as civil unrest on the planets causes political stress- leading to an exciting climax and a dangerous revalation about the real connection between the parasites and the Trill symbionts- and while the story ends on a sad note, it doesn't detract from the story over all. However, while 'Unjoined' is great- the Bajor story is not so good. So Sisko has returned from the prophets, an entire village has been destroyed, Bajor is in the Federation and Jake has left home to find some excitement. All this sounds good- but in reality there is little- if no- cohesion to the story and it feels very disjointed as it flits between the two incredably weak plots. The only interesting part comes at the end, setting the scene for 'Season Nine'.
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