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Title : The Return
Writers : William Shatner
Year : 1996
Rating : 3.2500 for 8 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : lan mandragoran Rating : 3
Review : for such an awsome premise, it falls a bit short. bill shatner is obviously in love with, not so much himself, but Kirk. i think he is a little confused about the "new fangled" star trek, especially the borg, but not too bad despite all that. mainly due to the Monitor/Enterprise D 1/2
Reviewer : FL Rating : 3
Review : A very action-oriented book. It describes how Krik was revived from his grave at Veridian II after his death in Generations. The story mainly focuses on Kirk, while TOS characters play a larger part than the TNG cast. Interesting, but could have been better.
Reviewer : Zeke Thorne Rating : 0
Review : In a word: trite. Absolute, unadulterated trite. This is the stuff of fan fiction, and I'm appalled that Bill Shatner would go to such lengths to over-idolize his own character. I picked up this novel when I was much younger, lured by the prospect of juicy space-battle scenes waged between Starfleet's finest and the malevolent Borg, who had (somehow) managed to ally themselves with the Romulan Empire - a neat trick for a species initially introduced as "(like reasoning with) a hurricane". Honestly, not even Voyager came close to "de-Borging" the Borg the way this novel did. Though the storyline might have been at least marginally entertaining - or at least canonically believable - in the hands of a more talented author, as it stood this turned into a cosmic wank-fest immortalizing the indomitable strength of Captain Kirk. I can't begin to imagine that any fan of either TOS or TNG would be able to sit back and stomach this. For example: according to "The Return", in order to destroy the Borg Collective, the mighty Captain Kirk (of course) must PULL A LEVER. Let that roll around in your head for a few minutes, and then tell me that Shatner's ghost writer was older than 13. That's your big contribution to Star Trek mythos? Pull a lever? I could go on and on about the nonsense storyline, the underdeveloped character interaction (with the notable exception of a scene with Worf hunting on Q'onos, though it was spoiled when Kirk showed up and ruined Worf's shit in a bat'leth fight), the absolutely infantile treatment of both the Borg and the Romulans, and the aforementioned cosmic-wank fest that was the Kirk character, but why bother? Take my advice: save your money for the latest issue of YM - it probably has more substance.
Reviewer : Natividad Rating : 3
Review : Not a bad read, but some spots were more...unbelieveable then others, even for science-fiction. While a good way to kill time and catch up on some reading, it could have been better. It could also have been worse, but it's still a decent read. Action was alright, plot could have used some help.
Reviewer : Kell Rating : 3
Review : It has been a long time since I read Shatner's first three Kirk novels, so I won't try to go into any specific details about the plot, because Frankly they all kind of mesh together at this point. That being said, however, what I do recall (even now) is that although the story seemed to be logical enough that it could one day be used to bring back Kirk in a film or t.v. show, the book was horribly slanted in favor of TOS cast. I understand that Shatner wrote the books, and so for them to show TOS cast in a good light is not unexpected or even unreasonable. Yet, if I had never watched any Star Trek before reading the books, I would have found TNG cast to be a bunch of bumbling idiots as seemingly anytime there is a problem in the book Kirk or his buddies figure it out, while TNG cast only makes things worse. While by no means am I suggesting that a reader should not pick up these books if they see them in a store, I felt it important to note that if you are simply a die-hard TNG fan, you might be a bit upset with how your favorite cast is often treated in these novels. That issue aside though, the only other quibble I have is Shatner's constant use of "....and he took his last breath", or anything like that (read the first book in particular and you will see what I mean :P) Overall, worth reading I think.
Reviewer : ShamelessMcBundy Rating : 5
Review : Everyone thought that Captain Kirk died on the Ent-B, and later, on Veridian III. Well, they were wrong. James T. Kirk has been reanimated by the Romulans, and the Borg. And they will stop at nothing, using their new super weapon to defeat the Federation once and for all!
Reviewer : Gray Death Rating : 5
Review : I personally though the entire series of books was awesome. I grew up idolizing the crew of NCC-1701 and even after "Generations" I still needed closure in Kirks life. Shatner managed to provide that in this series. Plus, the Borg/V'Ger connection was theorized by many fans since the episode of TNG that introduced the Borg.
Reviewer : Eternal Lieutenant Rating : 4
Review : The book took an interesting direction exploiting several unexplained connections (such as V'Ger and the Borg), and made some good developments in Picard and him dealing with his Borg expirence. The book's plot runs well (say for a few points I will address later), with high amounts of action and suspence. The book did let down in two regards however. The first was Shatner's obviouse over zelous portrayal of the TOS crew, such as Kirk being able to defeat Warf in hand-to-hand combat without obtaining any injuries. The second
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