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Title : The Physics of Star Trek
Writers : Lawrence M. Krauss
Year : 1995
Rating : 4.0000 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Erick Ramirez Rating : 3
Review : A decent book that is mostly about the limits of current physics that uses Star Trek as an dominant example of possible future technology. Of course the ultimate pronouncement of feasibility isn't in this book even when Krauss says it is. For example if he says something is impossible (i.e. see the transporter) he really should mean impossible given the current understanding of physics. No, I'm not crazy, I just know enough about the philosophy of science to worry about making claims about possibility and impossibility given the limits of current knowledge (will the physics of the 2300's remotely resemble the physics of today or will they look back on our knowledge the way we look at the science of the 1500's? Krauss seems to assume the former). I don't mean to be a horse's ass here. I reccomend this book, it is definately good for a read by any trekkie who realizes that there is as much fiction as science in the trek universe.
Reviewer : AggieRob Rating : 5
Review : I read this while I was in undergrad studies. It's really an amazing look at how honestly feasible many of the Treknologies are. The look at warp drive was incredible - I've keep the book and read it now and then just so I can imagine what the future may really hold for us. Great read!
Reviewer : Greg Janesch Rating : 4
Review : This was an impressive and interesting look at the physics and technology of Star Trek. I do believe that images taken from the shows would have made it better, but, as is, it's pretty good
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