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Title : Boogeymen
Writers : Mel Gilden
Year : 1991
Rating : 2.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : KC Rating : 2
Review : The book had the potential to be very good, but it was spoiled by sloppy writing. First off, the good. I really like strange aliens and this book introduces a race that is very strange indeed (I can't reveal anymore information on them or it will spoil the ending a bit). Also, this book actually had a very good ending. My major compliant with most TNG books is that the endings usually seem to be rushed and not very well done. I was pleasantly surprised with Boogeymen in this department. But the book starts to do south in the area of character development. The characters for the most part didn't act like themselves. Also, there were a few logic issues with the book. These soured the experience with me, because it made the story hard to follow at times. But if you look past the problems with Boogeymen, the story is a good idea and the book is short; so it might be worth a read if you don't have anything else.
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