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Title : The Farther Shore
Writers : Christie Golden
Year : 2003
Rating : 1.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : unbel1ever Rating : 1
Review : The sequel to "Homecoming" offers the conclusion to the rather weak plot set up in the first book. After reading the first two chapters you are able to guess what is going to happen in the book. In fact some things were set up so obviously, that when you come to the point where their significance becomes clear, you merely nod in your thoughts. Thus the story is far less interesting because you scarcely get new information that you haven't already guessed. But after the mission is complete the book only adresses less than 10 pages to what each crewmember might do in the future. What really hit me, when I read the book, was that the Borg-Virus story could have been so much more interesting if it had been about the actual Borg-Collective and not some mad woman. That however was not possible because Janeway had just destroyed the Borg-transwarp network. In my opinion the Borg should have been left out of the book. The A-story is accompanied by a entirely independent B-story, which is much more convincing but not much more interesting. All in all only worth reading when you've read part 1 and want some closure.
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 0
Review : Worse than Homecoming- just so very bad I wanted to erase my memory of reading this atrocious book. But then again, Im not the biggest fan of Voyager.
Reviewer : Hisrak Rating : 3
Review : Part two of the popular 'Homecoming' duet, Janeway and company may be facing exticntion at the hands of their most dangerous enemy. With the doctor, Seven and Icheb imprisoned by Starfleet, the Voyager crew must get back their ship and take matters into their own hands. A gripping story from start to finish.
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