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Title : The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh - Volume I
Writers : Greg Cox
Year : 2001
Rating : 4.2857 for 7 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : third_of_trees Rating : 2
Review : I liked it, but it tried to connect way too many things together- basically, anyone and everyone from the 20th century who's been in star trek was somehow thrown in; from the guy in star trek iv who "invented" transparent aluminum to the woman who was cryogenically frozen and found in that 1st season TNG episode. They even managed to mention the Ferengi who crashlanded in Roswell New Mexico. I liked the idea of the novel though- Gary Seven vs. Kahn... Makes sense they may have butted heads in the past.
Reviewer : rizulli Rating : 5
Review : Greg Cox must have way too much time on his hands. But he puts it to good use. The use of real life events and events mentioned though-out the four series to make a possible explianation for Khan and the Eugenics War. Who knows maybe he real does exist?
Reviewer : LLAMA Rating : 4
Review : Even my wife loved reading it; and she hates Star Trek!
Reviewer : Yetiman Rating : 5
Review : As one of the greatest villians in the Trek universe, Khan deserved to have the story of his rise and fall told. This book is possibly one of the best for Trek.
Reviewer : William Rating : 4
Review : for those not so familiar with TOS, it takes a bit of getting used to the main 'good' characters, especially since the background of them is not explained in depth. But you'll get drawn into anyway. This was one of the few books 'to be continued' after which I really was waiting for the issue of the next one.
Reviewer : McClance Rating : 5
Review : EXCELLENT! Greg Cox uses Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Isis from the TOS episode "Assignment: Earth" to explore Khan's rise to power. Weaving together dozens of references from every series and real life events to tell the story. There are also references to Greg Cox's previous book involving Gary Seven and company--"Assignment: Eternity".
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 5
Review : .....Frickin' awesome! Love Khan....
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