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Title : The Case of the Colonist's Corpse
Writers : Bob Ingersoll, Tony Isabella
Year : 2004
Rating : 5.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : ADM_J_Herring Rating : 5
Review : I always liked Samuel T. Cogley. I didn’t know about this book until I found it in a used bookstore. It starts with Sam finishing up a trial with the help of his two able assistants. Cut to the planet Aneher II in the middle of the Federation/Klingon Neutral Zone. There are colonist from both the Federation and the Klingons working to prove to the Organians which can best settle the plant. It’s a fragile peace to say the least. So when the Federation administrator is found murdered with the head of the Klingon colony crouched over the body, it seems pretty much cut and dried. But Lieutenant Areel Shaw is going to prosecute and guess who volunteers to defend the Klingon? The first time a Klingon has ever been represented, and it’s by Cogley. I mean come on, the Klingon commander found with the body? One of the character asked; if they had killed him with a phaser, why not just vaporize the body? Or did he do it and is doing that to throw everyone off? The amount of suspects is a long list, including the victim’s ‘loving’ wife. Kirk and the Enterprise make a cameo with some discussion of a few favorite original series episodes. This book is set at the same time as ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ in the timeline. One thing that was brought up that I want to share: discussion of why Sam had been hired by Areel to represent Kirk at his court-marshal? That should make you want to read it, just for that question and the brief discussion. A good book, and I wish they had done more with this; Sam Cogley defending humans and aliens. With guest appearances and references to some of the original series episodes. This made reading it feel as if I had a sweater on. Warmed me up thinking of those others times.
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