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Title : Tales of the Dominion War
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido (Editor)
Year : 2004
Rating : 2.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : AR Rating : 4
Review : I thought this book was rather well done, not only was it able to fill in some story gaps but it also enabled readers to begin to fully understand the star trek world during that period. If you didn't like one story you can be guaranteed to like another.
Reviewer : Isaac Joule Rating : 1
Review : The book's introduction mentions that Deep Space Nine was a landmark series because it finally brought attention away from the Enterprise. But most of the stories in the book focus on TOS, TNG or DS9 characters in some major way or another. The last story in the book is perticularly annoying because of it's heavy reliance on flashbacks and it's main character changing mid story (From Lt. Reese to Capt. Sisko). I was expecting short stories based on new characters introduced just for that book. Instead I was reintroduced to a bunch of characters from on screen, or other Pocket Books novel series.
Reviewer : Entil'Zha Rating : 2
Review : Some interesting stories, but some are very bland. canDido really let hismelf down with his contribution and Robert Greenberger obviously has no talent.
Reviewer : William Rating : 2
Review : A collection of short stories, which fill in some gaps between canon events of the dominion war, as well as story lines from other books. Most stories are very short though, and some could have been worked out better.
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