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Title : Starfleet Year One
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman
Year : 2001
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Sarah Rating : 3
Review : I thought this was a really great book, if you like the older-era. Takes place a looong time ago, before TOS and even the Daedalus... during the first year of Starfleet and the Federation. The only crit I have is that although it was written in 2001, it has no connection with the things that happened in Enterprise, so it's as if the series never happened. Which isn't a bad thing, mind you. :) They use lazers and missiles and the ships are pretty old, and Starfleet hasn't been set up yet, it's all Earth Command and the like. So if you don't mind forgetting about Enterprise (I liked the series but had a lot of beefs myself), this book is a really good read. Lots of good characters, good space battles, even some stuff with the Romulans and the war. The other crit I have though is that I picked the book out solely for the cover, thinking that the book was goign ot be abotu the Daedalus, and it's not. While there's some references about it and the like, it doesn't actually ever show up in the book until the very very end, but other than that it's still a great book.
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