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Title : Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology 1980-2188
Writers : Fred Goldstein, Rick Sternbach (Illustrator), Stan Goldstein
Year : 1979
Rating : 5.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : John Kissinger Rating : 5
Review : Ok. This book has been blown away by the 25 years of "canon" to follow but it remains one of fondest favorites. STSC was published near the debut of ST1:TMP as an attempt to create a history connecting real space history to the DY-100, the ships of the orignal series era to the Consitution Class refit of the movie. Truly it was the of it's day.Graham might not agree with me but it did have an influence what would be future canon. Some of the vessels in the chronology forshadow the idea of little "tank-like" starships seen later in the Defiant of DS9. One of my favorite sections discusses two generations of the Space Shuttle that retired in 1992 and changed the world economy in the yeah. It also had a very different back story about Cochrane and warp drive. In this history he actually is a native of Alpha Centuri indistinguishable save for an opposible pinkey and thumb. Makes using a wrench easier. For sure, the section covering late 20th century to 21st centry space flight could have been named Space 1979 (aka the way the future was) for all the Space Shuttle inspired follow-ons like solar power stations and L-5 colonies. Also included is the infamous ringed Enterprise that shown on the wall of the recreation deck in the movie. Second only to the DY-100 as one of the greatest bastards to explain away. Canon or not this book makes me smile when I think about my freshman year in college when I waited hours in line to see the movie and studied this book more seriously than any other text in my dorm room. Yeah I'm 44 if your wondering
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