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Title : Avatar: Book 1
Writers : S.D. Perry
Year : 2001
Rating : 3.6667 for 6 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Jarrod Rossi Rating : 5
Review : What a great way to begin "Season 8" of DS9. Great plot, great new and old characters. A MUST for DS9 fans.
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 5
Review : A great read. Great to see the characters we have grown to love as well as the hoarde of new characters- among them the brilliantly realised Thirishar 'Shar' Th'Chane. Full of drama, intrigue, threats and humour, Avatar is a must for any ST fan.
Reviewer : paul Rating : 4
Review : yeah I liked it, but I always thourght that DS9 ended very well and didnt leave me with unanswered questions so I wasnt extatic about the idea of a continuation, although this was done very well.
Reviewer : Stephen Beaver Rating : 5
Review : A verry weel done book and a good start toi a virtual season 8 of DS9, plus it fleshes out some characters who only get development in the last couple of seasons i.e. Jake, Cassiday, Ezri and Kira. The plot is entrancing, and verry well thought out, it also shows how perception can colour interpritation with the Ohula text and how The bajorans interprit it. Only complaint is that the first book feels a little slow in building to book two, it would have been better to publish bothe stories as one novel instesad of seperating them.
Reviewer : PECH Rating : 3
Review : It's not a bad book at all, although sometimes it feels like the story grows up too slow, and it has some pretty weird facts in it, like the Alfa Quadrant's side of the wormhole being protected by only one miserable starship whilst DS9 is under heavy repairs, the war with big fleet actions still hot in the memory, or the extreme skills of the Jem'Hadar, non-canon by what can be seen in the show.
Reviewer : A. Rating : 0
Review : Not liking the direction ds9 is taking
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