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Title : Spectre
Writers : William Shatner
Year : 1998
Rating : 4.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : lan mandragoran Rating : 4
Review : ok, i admit, i am not a hard core star trek fan. i have not seen all the episodes, but that just shows how good this book was. it appeals to everyone in story, action, um, ok maybe not bill shatner, but that is besides the point. the back history of the alternate universe was very entertaining.
Reviewer : ImmodicusFuror Rating : 5
Review : Spectre (and almost all of the other books in the Shatnerverse)was very well written and well thought out. At some point in Shatner's series of books you may start wondering if Kirk is some kind of immortal to keep living through so many impossible events while staying at the front in battles against every major Federation threat... but it really doesn't matter. Shatner (perhaps with a good nod owed to his co-writers) does a great job of pulling off a good flowing storyline throughout several different books, and Spectre is one of the best. I appreciate it the most for going back to the heart of the Mirror Universe: showing the evil man is capable of. If you are a fan of Kirk and Star Trek in any way, this is a must read book.
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