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Title : Ship of the Line
Writers : Diane Carey
Year : 1997
Rating : 3.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : SteamyB Rating : 3
Review : Usually I don't like the Star Trek novels because I've always been big on continuity. However, I ended up looking past that and enjoyed the book immensely. Ironically, it's not even the main plot that appeals to me: -Diane Carey is a fantastic writer; especially her space battles (the Bozeman dogfight at the beginning is the best I've ever read). -Picard on the holodeck with Kirk. This is based around Kirk's thoughts as her tracks and hunts the Bird-of-Prey during the first Romulan Incursion (Balance of Power, my personal favourite Trek episode). -The thoughts of the characters and how they justify themselves. The main plot to me is a shade above decent, it's the intangibles and author that make this for me! 3.5/5
Reviewer : Andy Rating : 3
Review : I enjoyed this book, and have now read it many times. Diane Carey has a very loose and offhand writing style, I don't know how else to put it! It's a bit like reading a movie, which makes it appealing to people who do not want a hard read. My favourite parts of the book have to be the initial battle, and the swashbuckling guerilla adventure of Riker, Bateson and Scotty in the lower decks of the Enterprise-E. It also nicely fills a void in the TNG Trek storyline. I also like the reference to maritime traditions throughout the book, and the quotes from Hornblower at the start of certain parts. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good easy read, and enjoy!
Reviewer : McCann1701 Rating : 2
Review : Good book, charting the first voyage of the E-E. Sometimes seemed more like a TOS novel, with Scotty and Bateson's high-profile roles, but overall a good way to 'pass the baton' from the 'D' to the 'E'. I especially liked the storyline of Picard dealing with the loss of his ship.
Reviewer : Isaac Joule Rating : 5
Review : This is my favorite Star Trek novel ever. It was incredible. It really flushed Morgan Bateson's character out nicely. It was interesting to see him and Scotty together with Will Riker. The old guard and the new guard working together side by side. It was beautiful. I really do wish this was made into a movie. It would have been a nice in between movie to Generations and First Contact.
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