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Title : Rising Son
Writers : S.D. Perry
Year : 2003
Rating : 4.6667 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Chris Mortimore Rating : 5
Review : This book gives a much needed and interesting view of Jake Sisko. Jake was left very underdeveloped in DS9 but Rising Son is a book that focuses on Jake. He has a grand adventure while searching to find his father and meets some intriguing characters and visits some very interesting places. If you want to see more about Jake and like the DS9 relaunch this is definately a book you should read.
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 4
Review : A very good book- loving the idea of the Ascendants- despite the feeling of Stargate SG1.
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 5
Review : This book gives some much needed focus on Jake Sisko. The story is fun, intersting, and very entertaining. A good read for any DS9 fan.
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