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Title : Reunion
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman
Year : 1991
Rating : 4.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : ASR Rating : 4
Review : This portrayal of Picard's crew from the Stargazer is one of the most intense, interesting and thoughtful characterizations in all of Trek. If you thought the Enterprise D's crew had some interesting twists- a human raised as a Klingon warrior, a Reptillian engineer and a crown prince round out the Stargazer gang. When they come aboard the enterprise for transport to the coronation of one of their number on the planet Da'av, one of them starts trying to kill the others, and Picard's faith in both crews is tested. The interesting, complex relationships and conflicts that form between the crews even in the midst of suspicion, are truly worth the read. As a caution, the Star Trek: Stargazer novels, based on the characters created here, are extrordinarily tedious and dull (in common with most recent offerings from Pocket Books). So be warned!
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