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Title : Mosaic
Writers : Jeri Taylor
Year : 1996
Rating : 4.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ensign Zachary Turner Rating : 5
Review : Action Mystery adventure and suspence that will suck you into the book and wont let you out untill you have finished reading it. A book that tells the life story of Admiral (in the Book Captain) Katheryn Janeway, all of it her crush, her likes dislikes. And also has a Delta Quadrent Reliving all of these old memories rigth when she has Crew on a strange planet and the Kazon are attaking her and there is a mystery of what has gon on this mysterious and why her crew cannon be rushed
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 5
Review : A great book that shows readers what make Kathryn Janeway into the Captain we have all come to know and (some of us) love. Jeri has a great way of telling her story and I have to say I have proably read this book over 50 times and I have yet to tire of it.
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 3
Review : Ehhh....It was OK, decent use of approximate time frames on regards to other characters, but Janeway came of to me as a little too neurotic for her own good. I just couldn't see someone like that succeeding at command.
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