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Title : Mindshadow
Writers : J.M. Dillard
Year : 1986
Rating : 3.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ktasay Rating : 3
Review : Overall not bad. Yet another Romulan Plot to take over a planet, Spock finds out the answer, but is injured before he can reveal the truth. He must then recover his memory to save the planet before the Romulans finish.
Reviewer : ADM_J_Herring Rating : 3
Review : Another good book that has an interesting question; if a planet needs help, but refuses the offer from the UFP, do they still get it? If it has substantial dilethium deposits that could fall into Romulan hands, probably. The plot, though simple, and the double agent, though somewhat obvious; the book is still a good read. The debate on what to do is good, and it is good to see Surak and Amanda back. Also, some of what they do on Vulcan. And for those McCoy fans, he falls in love and in bed. But enough on that. It also shows how Spock handles himself after a bad fall and some insight into the working and the design of the Vulcan mind. It was good to see the Tellarites back. As fellow founding UFP members, I always like when they bring a race back that we saw very little in the original series and expose a bit more about them to us. A better reference book, with things that could be expounded on, verses just a good read-and it is a good read. Not my first choice, but still a good book to have in your library
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