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Title : A Time to Sow
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore
Year : 2004
Rating : 4.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : paul Rating : 4
Review : as a series of books there were certaintly some good moments, but I felt that it dragged on to long and some of the books were a tad repetertive. some of the books were a little wussy and had what i like to called "hippy c**p"
Reviewer : EntilZha Rating : 5
Review : After the unmitigated dross of A Time to be Born and A Time to Die, I was very hesitant to read A Time to Sow. But I'm relieved that I did. A Time To Sow is a clever, emotional filled book that never fails to bore me. The writers really make the Dookalan stand out and you can feel the remoteness of the colony and the desperation of the Dokaalan in trying to survive against all the odds. On top of that, whereas John Vorholt character assasinates everyone and introduces bland new characters (if you don't believe me, read A Time To Die), Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore know the characters. Picard IS Patrick Stwart's Picard, Riker is Johnathon Frake's Riker etc. The story is fast moving and characters who were largely redundant in Born/Die are really pushed to the forfront here and the writers clearly know thier Trek!
Reviewer : TS Rating : 4
Review : This novel was a very good read. Even thought the action doesn't start until 2/3 into the book, you don't feel it crawling along. It was also nice to have some of the characters' reasons explained for leaving the Enterprise in Nemesis. The authors set it up nicely and actually gave Beverly a reason to leave for Starfleet Medical, and so on. My only complaint with the book is the frequently used phrase "a decade ago" or "more than a decade ago." Seriously, go through the book and count how many times that phrase is used. It got annoying after the third time. I don't mind references to previous stories or TV episodes, but I wish they had utilized another phrase. How about, "nearly ten years ago" or "several years ago on the Enterprise-D." Anyway, that's my only complaint of an otherwise enjoyable read.
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