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Title : I, Q
Writers : John De Lancie, Peter David
Year : 1999
Rating : 5.0000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : greg Rating : 5
Review : Don't get me wrong, I like the Trek-heavy books that are rife with continuity, but once in a while we get something fantastic that can stand alone away from the Trek universe. Plus, I've always thought De Lancie was friggin brilliant...ever see the Q vs. Spock debate? Course you have.
Reviewer : McClance Rating : 5
Review : As the previous reviewer said, "I, Q" stands alone and free. It's bursting with fun passages of diologue and exposition. And, if you like the movie "Princess Bride", a special treat awaits!
Reviewer : Bryan Moore Rating : 5
Review : Absolutely delightful. A witty, tongue-in cheek, and mildly throught provoking view on the nature of people and the universe in general, "I,Q" proves to be a wild romp through a constantly changing reality. Well written and intelligent, DeLancie and David were able to capture the subtleties of Q's wit, while including a familiar cast of characters placed in a wholly different setting. Much of the dialogue has a certain crudeness, that, while wholly inoffensive, is somewhat unfamiliar in the Star Trek universe, and more in tune with humans of the 21st century. Q himself proves to be more of an enigma than even seen in the series; a mix of mischeviousness and near malevolence, balanced out by the very intelligent and at times thoughtful nature of even the crudest of his actions. In many ways, he is the epitome of what humanity is. Numerous timese I found myself laughing outloud at the over the top tongue-in-cheek references and sharp jabs at human nature. Moreover, the audio-book version of I,Q is every bit as entertaining, if not more so, narrated by Mr. Q h imself, John DeLancie. In fact, he is so insightful in many cases, that I couldn't help use an audio clip from the story in a Western European History class that I have taught.
Reviewer : ThePhage Rating : 5
Review : Damn Good Book.
Reviewer : Steamrunner92 Rating : 5
Review : One of the best books I've ever read. Q has become more than an irritating, immature being; he is a family man and a bold adventurer who has learned to care about more than himself. John De Lancie should be very proud of this book, for its' quality, and for delving into Q's personality as only John can.
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