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Title : Homecoming
Writers : Christie Golden
Year : 2003
Rating : 2.5000 for 6 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Hisrak Rating : 2
Review : Upon returning to the Alpha quadrant, Janeway and her crew, including a few new characters and some returning favourites from TNG, face a familiar threat - the Borg, but not as we know them. In the midst of all this, the Doctor becomes involved in a holographic rebellion. After a slow start, the book becomes gradually more thrilling as the plot thickens.
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 0
Review : Depressingly crap, a bit like Voyager really. The storyline is atrocious and weak, and the crew dont act like themselves. By the end of the book, you really dont care.
Reviewer : unbel1ever Rating : 1
Review : What you expect from this novel is that it will give you an answer to all the questions that "Endgame" left unanswered. Indeed the first part of the book describes the crew coming home, settling in etc. - a quite satisfying experience for the fan. Yet from the beginning there are quite a few moments where you'll pause and think: "What the ..." Some reactions of the crew in certain situations seemed to be forced because of story-telling needs. They don't seem to be themselves entirely. I liked most of the directions the author was going with characters. However at some point you get the feeling, that again things start to rush, are not explained or set up properly. Suddenly it's a turn from the "Homecoming"-part to a conspiracy story involving a Borg-Virus. From that point nothing seems to be quite right. Torturing admirals, spying girlfriends and the Borg yet again used as a vehicle to bring suspense to a story, that would have none without them. This doesn't mean that the book not entertaining but certainly it hasn't a very strong plot.
Reviewer : Brady Rating : 4
Review : This book gives us really good closure for Voyager. It shows us what happens after the crew returns home. Each of the crew members gets a lot of "page time", so to speak. The first 200 pages of the book are all about the return of the crew of Voyager and them getting re-acclimated to life in the Alpha Quadrant. This is perfect for those Voyager nuts out there who want to find out what happens to their favorite characters after they return home to Earth. The plot itself does take a long time to rear its head, which is the main reason that I didn't give this book a five out of five. However, the book gives us a great look at what happens after Endgame. It's one of my favorite Star Trek books that I've read. Now granted, someone who does not like Voyager is not going to like this book. Those who have no real feelings about Voyager will find this to be a good read. And avid Voyager fans, like myself, will probably love this book.
Reviewer : surfaceboy17 Rating : 5
Review : Homecoming provides an excellent continuation to one of the most pivotal finales ever written. The characters are completely true to form and are actually quite amusing. * If there were to ever be a Voyager movie, this book should be used as the basis. I loved it. *
Reviewer : Blaston Phools Rating : 3
Review : Not all that much to add in terms of the premise goes which hasent already been commented on, we all get to find out what happens after "Endgame" though with hindsight (which is always 20-20) id rather have just left those curcimstances to my imagination rather than from a mediocre author who although has a strong grasp of the star trek universe an equal understanding of how to write an ingaging book sadly is lacking. I didnt even finish the book i found the storyline slow, staggered and slightly reminiscent of a crap Voyager two-parter, infact not only did i not finish the book i havent even read the sequal yet..
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