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Title : Ghost Ship
Writers : Diane Carey
Year : 1988
Rating : 0.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Secretmirk Rating : 0
Review : This is a book you can really miss in the list! It's about a kind of energy-monster that once came to earth in the time the book was written and went on a new russian aircraft-carrier in the Black Sea a bit like the crystall-entity. Somehow the ghosts of the russian seamen get transferred into the future where that entity attacks the 1701-E during the first season. The ghosts of the seamen help to save the ship finally and everything is fine again. What makes the book really bad is, that it was made in a time where it wasn't clear at all, how the characters of TNG would really be. So Picard is here a kind of choleric for example and the atmosphere on board can't be defined but is absolutly far from what we know, yet also no interesting alternative but only irritating. So I don't want to blame the author really but it was too early to jump on the series at that point already. It's some book but except the settings it's neither TNG, or TOS or whatever...
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