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Title : Engines of Destiny
Writers : Gene DeWeese
Year : 2005
Rating : 3.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Bryan Moore Rating : 4
Review : In brief: Interesting, realistic, and enjoyable plot involving the backstory behind Scotty getting aboard the Jenolen, an unsuccessful rescue of James Kirk, and an alternate-universe meeting between the Enterprise-D, Kirk, and a twisted universe mangled by the Borg, all revolving around Guinan. The book contains a good ammount of techno-babble; enough to make the tech-geek Trek fan happy, but not so much to bog down an interesting storyline. Well recommended. ****/*****
Reviewer : Chief Patterson Rating : 3
Review : Finally, a book that deals with the aftermath of the presumed death of James T. Kirk aboard the Enterprise B. The beginning deals with Scotty, who has become a drunk recluse because his guilt and agony over letting his friend die. The story revolves around Scotty's plan to rescue Kirk from his fate, and the dire consequences that result from his decision. A new timeline is created where the Borg has conquered the entire Federation, and a rag tag group of allied aliens are fighting back. Of course the Enterprise E gets tied up in the calamity as well. First the good. It was very interesting to see how this one event affected Scotty and basically turned his life upside down. It was also fun to follow and watch the Miracle Worker in action. The events of Generations, Relics and First Contact were woven together in a way that made sense. The bad. Being a Gene DeWeese book, it is full of page after page of descriptive text. I found myself drudging through paragraph after paragraph of internal monologue, which gives you a good idea of what the character is thinking, but too much makes my eyes go blurry. The story never really drags, though, and DeWeese throws in plenty of moments that make you want to turn the page. Overall, a bit wordy, but an intriquing story. I recommend it for serious Trekkies only.
Reviewer : James Tobias Rating : 3
Review : This is a fairly interesting book that has the differcult task of weaving many different threads together into a coherant whole. Nice to see the Relic's/Generations goof resolved as well.
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