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Title : Dyson Sphere
Writers : Charles Pellegrino, George Zebrowski
Year : 1999
Rating : 1.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : DH Rating : 4
Review : Really not much to say about this book, its well written, but drags quite a bit and always leaves you wanting more. However when read, its very easy to visualize everything going on, although the Horta species gave me some confusion, this was overall a very good read, the end was a massive cliff hanger and left me wanting far to much more, but overall a good read.
Reviewer : Lpve Robin Rating : 0
Review : My one personal fault is a high sense for continuity, and in this Dyson Sphere falls short. A return to the mega-artifact where Captain Scott was returned to the TNG-era as depicted in the TV episode Relics was a good idea, and with the internal surface area approximating 250 million Earths, a potential source for plenty of stories. However, what I felt it fell short was in that it contradicted a few points from Relics. Specifically forgetting that the star was unstable -- one of the things that the Enterprise needed to get away from, and the statement that the sphere was uninhabited. Yet upon returning the Enterprise finds nothing wrong with the star as well as many thriving communitites! I felt it unnecessary to add a meteor-turned weapon to destabliize the sphere's orbit about the star when that star's already stated instability would have sufficed to be the reason why the sphere was wobbbling in its orbit, a thing that could have been overlooked easily duribg the original episode. All in all I felt it sidestepping canon-points from Relics to attempt a Grand Scheme Plot that I felt forced.
Reviewer : Beeorn Rating : 0
Review : Wow, what a dry and boring book. It took me way too long to get through it, and when I was done, I wondered why I read it in the first place.
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