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Title : Double Helix 5 : Double or Nothing
Writers : Peter David
Year : 1999
Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Griddles Rating : 5
Review : My favourite out of the Double Helix series, this book throws both Captain Picard and Captain Calhoun into the midst of a new plan to unleash the Double helix plague upon the Alpha Quadrant. Thallonian General Thul and his hulking sidekick intend to wipe out the Federation as it celebrates a major event, so it is up to the two captains to prevent the fatal virus from being released. Meanwhile, Riker must deal with former 2IC, Shelby, as he temporarily takes command of the Excalibur. A great read! 5/5
Reviewer : daye Rating : 2
Review : Definitely subpar for a New Frontier book. Which it is, despite being labelled as being a TNG volume. Basically can be surmised as Captain Calhoun is James Bond. This is not as awesome as it sounds. it really doesn't suit him.
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