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Title : A Rock and a Hard Place
Writers : Peter David
Year : 1990
Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Tiberius Rating : 3
Review : A tad predictable in places, the humour is a bit childish, and the new character of Quentin Stone is rather unbeleivable, but it displays Peter David's skill. he knows how to get humour out of a scene (although sometimes he milks it a bit too much) and he's created a very good loose cannon in the character of Stone, although it's hard to believe that someone like that hasn't been kicked out of the fleet. there's a bit of character, mainly centered around Riker, but there's a bit with Deanna as well, but the whole book plays as an action/adventure story rather than a character piece. A few good cliffhangers as well. Worth a read, perfect for train trips to work, where you can't read the whole thing in one go.
Reviewer : Secretmirk Rating : 4
Review : This was for long my favourite book from Star Trek. It's not so much centered abround true Trek but offers two good adventure stories while Picard has to deal with a typical B-Movie rough typ with nerves out of steel and a name that says all: Stone. Both storylines gather the readers attention and are exciting in their own ways. At least if you let yourself in into especially the involuntary funny character of Stone. You know it from many B-Movies: The hero can't miss a target whenever he shoots, has nearly superhuman physical strenght and capabilities of endurance, self-control and whatever. In modern terms you could call him an super-athelete with a heavy borderline syndrom. ;-)
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