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Title : Doctor's Orders
Writers : Diane Duane
Year : 1990
Rating : 3.6667 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Scott Bates Rating : 3
Review : Diane Duane is probably my favorite Trek writer (admittedly, I haven't read any Trek in several years). This one doesn't have the intricacy or gravity of 'Spock's World' or 'My Enemy, My Ally', but it held my attention for two reasons: it was interesting to watch the Enterprise crew actually carrying on the sort of research and exploration that is allegely their reason for being, and Duane milks the "Kirk's missing, McCoy is in command" concept for everything it's worth! We naturally see the expected complaining and bursts of temper, but also get to appreciate the intelligence and adaptability hidden under McCoy's grumpy country doctor facade. Despite some false starts and a profound wish to be somewhere -- ANYWHERE -- besides in charge of 430 lives and the possible fate of a planet, McCoy sucks it up and takes care of business, matching wits with Starfleet Command, Klingons, and a mysterious and powerful enemy, all while trying to recover Kirk so he can get the heck back to sickbay where he belongs. If you like Bones, you should read this. I'd have loved to see Deforest Kelly actually act the scene where McCoy faces down the Klingon captain -- that's up there with "mechanical rice-picker" for comedy gold.
Reviewer : Mikaa Rating : 5
Review : I picked this up on a recommendation by a magazine on the best "Bones" novels, and this is definately a great read. First off, despite a bit of contriveness, Kirk places McCoy as commander of the Enterprise as they visit a new world of three indigeoness life forms (two of which would have been great to at least APPEAR in other Trek works). Naturally, Klingons and Vanishing Kirk (TM) occur, but in ways more believable than anything on Cannon Trek. I cannot spoil much, but suffice to say that McCoy's tauning of the Klingon Captin is among my all-time favorite dialog bits in written Trek, made all the better by trying to envision peaceful Deforest Kelley saying the lines.
Reviewer : Ktasay Rating : 3
Review : Just the thought of "Captain Bones" brings a smirk, and there were several nice comic moments in the story, in particular when dealing with the Klingon Captain. One of the key elements of the story proved to be a major sticking point for me however. When Spock returned and McCoy tried to turn command over to him, Spock indicated that it was not possible since Kirk left him in command, only Kirk could therefore 'relieve' him of that command. Leaving a non-command officer as Captain in an emergency only endangers the ship and crew. While overall the story was decent, that one point kept nagging at me.
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