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Title : Ships of the Line
Writers : Doug Drexler (Editor), Margaret Clark (Editor)
Year : 2006
Rating : 1.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Nathan Oakes Rating : 1
Review : This is essentially a picture book which contains screenshots and a few original shots of the ships from TOS, TNG, VOY, and ENT. Unfortunately, half the page space in the book is wasted with two sentence captions for the adjoining pictures. In some cases, the pictures are quite grainy, in some they are quite stunning. The cover is actually more fun to look at than the contents of the book unfortunately, as it shows a great collection of ships of many different designs, while the contents of the book only show the four ships we've seen foremost in the above mentioned series. Overall, something worth looking at while perusing the local book store, but not worth purchasing.
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