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All Books - 1983

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Click on the name of a book to see the reviews that have been submitted, or to add your own review. Clicking on the name of an author will show you a list of their books.

Title Writers Year Rating
Black Fire Sonni Cooper 1983 4.5000 2
Mutiny on the Enterprise Robert E. Vardeman 1983 1.0000 1
On The Good Ship Enterprise: My 15 Years With Star Trek Bjo Trimble 1983 - 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Read-Along Adventure Book Ted Kryczko (Producer) 1983 - 0
The Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress - Star Trek Edition Frederick Mohr (Editor) 1983 - 0
The Wounded Sky Diane Duane 1983 2.5000 2
Triangle Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak 1983 0.0000 1
Web of the Romulans M.S. Murdock 1983 4.0000 1
Yesterday's Son A.C. Crispin 1983 4.0000 1

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