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All Books - 1979

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Click on the name of a book to see the reviews that have been submitted, or to add your own review. Clicking on the name of an author will show you a list of their books.

Title Writers Year Rating
A Star Trek Catalog Gerry Turnbull (Editor) 1979 - 0
Shatner: Where No Man...The Authorized Biography of William Shatner Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak, William Shatner 1979 1.0000 1
Sing a Song of Trekkin' Roberta Rogow 1979 - 0
Star Trek Fandom Triumphs Doug Drexler, Geoffrey Mandel, Ron Barlow 1979 - 0
Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology 1980-2188 Fred Goldstein, Rick Sternbach (Illustrator), Stan Goldstein 1979 5.0000 1
Star Trek Speaks Fred Goldstein, Stan Goldstein, Susan Sackett 1979 - 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Gene Roddenberry 1979 4.5000 2
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Graphic Novel) Jim Shooter (Consulting Editor), Ricard Marschall (Consulting Editor) 1979 - 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Peel-Off Graphics Book Lee Cole 1979 - 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Make-Your-Own-Costume Book Lynn Edelman Schnurnberger 1979 - 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Punch-Out Book Chuck Murphy (Illustrator), Tor Lokvig (Designer) 1979 - 0
Star Trek: The Musical Themes Charles Hansen II 1979 - 0
The Fate of the Phoenix Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak 1979 - 0
The Star Trek Make-A-Game Book Bruce, Greg Nash 1979 - 0
TV and Movie Tie-Ins: Star Trek James A. Lely 1979 - 0
World Without End Joe Haldeman 1979 - 0

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